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    i need help finding a good and fun semi auto in at least 9mm and under $400 was going to get a wasr 10 and they are $480 locally, so all i can think of is the hi point carbine. I have and sks and dont like the saiga line of rifle so i need some ideas on what there is availale.
  2. The Hipoint is a great idea!

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    lol i should of known thats all i would get from you guys on this forum but that is what i am really considering cause its probably best for the money and the most fun to shoot.
  4. +1 to what Loopster said !

    I just bought a 995 and love it !

    Not sure what Saiga you were looking at. I've got the 7.62x39 version and it shoots great. A lot better than my Wasr.
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    the 995 is an awesome deal and exactly what youre looking for.. and im not just saying that because this is the HP forum and i own one...

    im saying it because all other 9mm carbines are $400+ and thats rediculous.
  6. Truly, that's why I ended up getting the 995. I love hipoints and all, but I wouldn't buy something just becauyse of the brand name. I do support a good brand name when i beleive in it tho. I had been looking around for a good semi-auto myself, and after having considered and researched and read tea leaves and cast runes and everything else, I just couldn't come up with abetter value for the buck that a hipoint carbine.
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    im not saying saigas are bad but for some reason i dont like the feel of the rifle. i had thought of the kel tec sub 2000 but when i held it, it was way to short to the point of being stupid. might trade my sks to knock the price off the wasr down.

    is the wasr really as bad as they say quality wise or is that just people who want everything to be perfect?
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    I also own a Sub2000, one tip I will give you for those is, get the butt pad extension, it's not really a pad being made of hard plastic, but that extra inch works miracles in the feel department.

    The S2K was going to be the only other one I could think of for less than 4 bills, but if you tried it and don't like it already, get the HP. Soon, I will own both.
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    Picked up an sks at a gunshow for 150. My local gunshop has them "like new" for 259. Cant go wrong with an sks. They're probably the only gas operated semi auto rifle that you can get for under 400. Lots of accessories and surprisingly accurate at 100 yards.
  11. And built like a tank, not much that can go wrong with them.

    A lot of people do not liket the trigger, but there is a guy that can rework the trigger without sending in the whole rifle (the trigger assembly comes out in one piece), and he also sells a kit that puts a spring in front of the firing pin to stop the possibility of slamfires.