Semi-customer gaming computer for sale. Major price drop.

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    Update 2: Alright folks here is another update to this post. I am doing this price drop due to E-Bay ticking me off! I had this system listed on E-Bay and the auction was supposed to end today. A half hour before the auction ends another E-bayer places a bid. Shortly after I get an e-mail from E-Bay stating that the highest bidder wasn't the actual account holder for that account. The e-mail than goes on to tell me that for my account security, and the bidders the auction is being pulled, and I should get a refund on the listing fee's within 7 days.

    Due to this very annoying incident, and the fact I do not need my computer as I have my new one already I am going to list on this forum one last time the computer.

    If anyone here is interested in this computer I will sell it for $500+ shipping. I am too irritated at E-Bay right now to want to re-list with them, and I don't know if I am going to use them ever again. As they simply could have pulled just that one bid, as they have done in the past.

    Update: Since I was able to find my new hunting rifle for $150 less, than I figured I would drop the price of this system by the same. So I am now asking $600+shipping for it. If anyone is interested let me know.

    Hey folks, I am selling my computer as part of the deal with my wife on the purchase of two new guns. So I figured why not post it here first and give my fellow forum goers first stab at it. Here are the specs.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6320
    1.86hz, 4mb Cache, 1033mhz FSB

    2gb PC 5400/5600 OCZ Memory with heat spreaders. I do believe in camouflage.

    XFX Nvidia GeForce 7600GT XXX edition. Factory Overclocked.

    120GB Sata HDD

    Dual Optical Drives.
    8x DVD-RW DL and 16x DVD-ROM/48x CD-ROM

    15 in 1 media card reader

    Intel Motherboard using the 945G Chipset.

    17" Wide Screen LCD, Keyboard, Logitech Optical Mouse, Basic speakers.

    Windows Vista Home Basic-32bit

    I say this computer is Semi-Customer as it WAS an e-machine that I purchased on a clearance sell for extremely cheap when I was looking at building another custom system. Reason I purchased it was because my cost on a new OS and Display alone was going to be more than the sell price of this system. So hey, save a few bucks.

    Right after getting the system home I gutted it and replaced the internal components except for the HDD, Power supply, and the INTEL motherboard.

    Please rest assured I have been building computers for a very long time and I am not just some dude hacking away inside a computer. Everything was done perfectly.

    I have played WoW, TF2, CS 1.6, and several other games and this computer runs very quick and very smooth.

    So if anyone is looking for a nice low cost semi-custom gaming rig let me know! The computer is in great shape!

    I planned on asking $900+shipping in the local paper as a similar setup through Dell/HP would be around $1,1000+tax.

    However since I like you guys enough I will sell the whole rig for $600+ shipping.

    Shipping shouldn't be that expensive on the computer. Everything would go insured as well. Feel free to send me a PM if interested.

    Would be willing to accept a nice hunting scope 3-9x40, or similar, plus cash for computer as well :D

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    Updated. Now selling to fellow forum members for $500 +shipping. Read Update 2 in the original post for reason. Thanks all.

    Also still willing to accept a nice 3-9x40 or similar scope for my new 30-06 and cash for the system.

    thanks all.