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  1. I've had my C9 for a few weeks and have enjoyed shooting it, but it definitely had some feed issues out of the box--mostly catching on the feed ramp and hitting the top of the barrel hood. I'd been getting stoppages on just about every magazine, so I made it my goal to get this as reliable as my Glocks.

    I took the advice of others here and tweaked the magazine lips and smoothed out the lip-edges with a Scotch-brite pad. After the initial "tweaking", I noted that the rounds were still hitting the top of the barrel hood toward the left side.

    I disassembled the gun and while holding the bare frame / barrel assembly, I inserted the (empty) magazine and noted that the mag lips were biased toward the left (not in line with the chamber), so I re-tweaked them so that they were centered on the barrel (when looking from the rear toward the barrel), and the rounds when loaded were pointed pretty much toward the center of the feed ramp.

    I just got back from the range where I ran 100 rounds of Perfecta 115 gn. FMJs with NO issues--it ran like a Swiss watch! :) I now want to put some SD rounds through it. . . next time.

    It should be noted that I did not need to polish the feed ramp at all--the painted surface there seems to be holding up nicely and is still smooth. All the mods I did were to the mag, which is in line with what others have said was the failure point with this gun.

    Thanks to all who've contributed to the knowledge base here--it's much appreciated! --Rob
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    Glad you stayed with it!
    I sold my first HP, (1995) and should have worked with it... :(
    I have made up for it, though! :D

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    The mole likes Hi-Points as they don't rust in his underground lair. :p
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    I have a c9 and for self defense I use Hornady Critical Defense, my c9 eats them like candy and i have never had any ftf or fte with those. The ball insert helps the feeding a lot. Ive heard corbon makes a powr' ball that works good but they are not sold in my area. I didnt have good luck with hydra shok or speer gold dots but others have had good success with the speer ammo. If you are a zombie nut hornady makes a Zmax zombie round, identical to the critical defense but with a green plug instead of a red one.
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    ...and it costs less.
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    I've had good luck with American Gunner from Hornady.
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    +1 for the Hornady. It runs good in mine too.
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    Ammo logic:

    Hornady wants you to be able to defend against people but they want to make sure defending yourself in the zombie apocalypse is more affordable.
  9. Another question:

    Thanks for the replies. . . I did have one observation during my shooting that I wanted to run by you guys--I was picking up my brass and noticed that the primer strikes looked REALLY soft. They all went "bang", but there was barely a dimple in the primers (compared to other guns I have). Is that common with the HP handguns? I clean my striker channel after every session and I don't lube it. . the striker slides back and forth easily in the channel. Is there an adjustment I can make to let it hit the primer a little harder? Thanks!
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    Could be the ammo has a really hard primer. AFAIK, the only "adjustment" you
    can make is a stiffer FP spring :confused: (someone else will confirm or deny) :D
    You might be able to stretch it out if this is the case. But I'd think the primers
    could be overly hard... Try other types of ammo. Sounds like a non-issue! ;)
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    If it fire it works. Stretching a small spring tends to strap it.
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    Yeah, best to just get a new one if it is weak...
  13. Thanks. . . .

    Thanks for the replies.. . . I won't stretch the spring--I'd rather replace it, but as long as it works, I'll just keep using it as is. It's a new gun, so I'd think that the spring is as good as they get.

    Can you guys check your brass and let me know about your primer strikes if you get a chance? Thanks. . . . --Rob
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    What ammo have you been shooting (and checking primer strikes)???

    Maybe it's a know "hard primer" round... ;)
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    I lube the fp channel and fp with a little shot of silicone spray on my 9 C. Stays dry and slippery, does not collect any residue or dust. ;)
  16. I've used three kinds of ammo. . . Perfecta, Aquila and Tula BrassMaxx--they all had similar primer strikes.
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    All imports, PerFecta is Fiocchi (Italian) made for Tula,
    Aguila is Mexican, and Tula is Russian.
    All 3 may have harder than normal primers. :confused: Just a Guesss...
    Interesting! I'll keep that in mind!
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    Pics would help too :D

    I'll see what I can dig up (get it? Mole digs up :D)