Semper Fi to my fellow HiPointers and Marines (if your out there)

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  1. Well my name is Jeff, I am a Marine Corps Veteran and was a 2111/Small Arms Repair Tech (or gun parts replacer). I joined the Corps in 2008 trying to escape life as a 17 year old (didn't even know what life was yet), went through boot camp, mct and MOS School that year. In 2010 I deployed to Afghanistan. I achieved the rank of Corporal while on active duty. In August of 2011 I was involved in a motorcycle wreck that ended my Marine Corps career with a broken back and messed up shoulder. Spent two years after the Corps in the National Guard until my medical problems out weighed the benefits I brought to the unit. So I am a dual service combat veteran and I am still only 26 years old.

    I have owned many guns in my past, my favorite by far is the Beretta 92fs, and thats not only because I carried it in the Marines, but it also saved my life twice, so with that it has earned my respect.

    I am not finacially capable of owning the 92 right now and so I went out and bought me a Hi Point C9 about three months ago. I intended on getting it, the trading it with cash towards something I thought would be (More reliable), then I got to actually learning about Hi-Point and the fact that even though they are ugly and heavy as a brick, they shoot everytime the trigger is pulled . Saw a shirt or bumper sticker that said "Hipoint: She may not be the prettiest girl at the prom, but she will put out at the drop of a hat." And boy does she.

    I did all the gunsmithing that HiPoint will do if you send it in with the complaint "Its not feeding right." I didn't do the mag release safety removal. I actually like that feature.

    I only plan to change the grips from this point out. I EDC this pistol with two spare mags, giving me 25 total rounds on body. I also have a mini IFAK I put together using walmart
    available components. I do have to order quick clot else where. Inside the ifak is also some water purifying tabs, and fishing and fire starter kits. I will be throwing in some sort of HiCalorie bar to compliement this as well. I carry a flashlight and a pocket knife. All come from Walmart.

    I will be starting a blog soon about Citizen Soildering and will be giving personal accounts and gear reviews as I build budget friendly kits from Run Out the Door (ROD), EveryDay Carry (EDC), 72hr Bag, Bug Out Bag (BOB), and firefight kit. On top of kits and gear I will be doing budget minded competition shooting, with reloading and firearm upkeep reviews.

    Just so y'all can get a sense of the type of jokester I am, while deployed in afghanistan I was able to obtain every conceivable holster for the 92fs. I earned the knick name Rambo from multi weilding 14 of them at one time. I only did it three times and caused quite a stir when I went to the DEFAC with them and had a total of 280 rounds in the guns and an additional 200 rounds in spare mags. How did I do this, now in no way would I recommend this for war, gun fights or any other reason except to stand in a door way and never reload as you shoot through that door way. How I pulled this off was first getting my plate carrier set up with dual pistols on the bottom of my carrier, then 5 double stack mag holders across the top holding ten 20 round mags. Every Berretta had a 20 round mag as well. I then used two dual shoulder sling on that put the pistols vertically and the other horizontally. The horizontal set was tucked up as much into my arm pit as possible, the vertical set directly underneath them. I appendix carried one, OWB at the 2 oclock, IWB at the 5'oclock, dual SOB, OWB at the 9'oclock, and dual thigh holsters. That was 14, holstered, for the range experience I started with two in my hands for 320 rounds loaded, 280 in spare mags. It was a fun experience but like I said this is not very useful on the move. THe apenix carry would pinch under my plate carrier, making it the first "reload" I went for. So my firing order for the pistols was dual yield intially for volume, appendix carry for follow up, went with dual yeild from plate carrier, 2 o'clock strong hand with mag reload, 9 o'clock weak hand with mag reload, dual weild SOB, this removal of weight around my waist allowed me to then grab at the shoulder holster easier, dual yeild horizontal, dual yeild vertical, dual yield thigh, transition to 5 o'clock for finish up with up to 10 mag reloads. It took me nearly five minutes to get through the holstered guns, I was shooting at three targets simulating coming through a door. It was to say the least intense and purposeless. I was so tired at the end of shooting the loaded guns, I wasn't able to keep reloading it became repeatative after the first 3, so the RSO called it off. In total I fired 420 rounds in about five minutes, thats about one round a second, but the dual yield gave me the volume of fire I was trying to demonstrate. We nicknamed this drill the "Armory Overrun Drill", because most armorers are capable of doing this and they would be the only ones with a real reason to do such a thing. There is a video or two out their but I don't have one. I probably will try to recreate this in some form or fashion if I can one day.

    Anyway, there is some info about me, and intreresting tale, and some of my goals for the future. Thank you Hi-Point community for the welcomes in advance.


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    What about the rest of us jarhead. We have Airforce and one calls himself flyboy. Even though he rides a chair. We got seaman. Going to leave that one alone. And a few of us Army. Guys and at least one gal. Welcome anyway

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    Welcome. Now we know who to go to if we have problems with our firearms. Thanks for your Service.

    edit: A little Marine story. Back in the 70's I had a Duck Hunting Club.
    There were a couple Marines in the club one time. We would be in the Duck blind, I would say "DUCK", and they would both drop to the floor. :rofl:
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    Welcome to the forum, nice to have you!....
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    Welcome Jeff. Great intro.
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    Welcome, Marine. My two oldest children (daughter and son) are Marines. She was an MP, and he was in Recon.
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    ...and a Third, Proud Marine Dad!!! :D


    Our admin is USMC, he will be along shortly, I reckon ;)
  8. Well thanks again everyone for the warm welcomes. Flyboys are well......look at the sailors and how cute they are in their white uniforms, them and flyboys look so cute together, but then you got them soilders in the Army, look at the ACU uniform, camaflague so good the only place it blends in instead of stands out is at your grandmamas couch. But all joking aside. 22 million veterans are living in the US today, takes over a year to process most veterans VA claims. However, 46 million "customers" take advantage of food stamps this year, takes less than a month to be approved. So your telling me a veteran will starve and be or become homeless waiting for the VA, but an illegal can apply and be approved for FS in less than a month? 22 million veterans who were taught combat arms by a government that feels powerful enough to toy with our benefits and not the least bit worried about a patriot rising to overthrow those that poison our system.

    But I am just 1, I would need to be Leonitus and his brave 300 to make a difference.
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    Welcome jarhead from a former jarhead, served in the late 50s, also served in the airforce. Semper Fi.
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    NE Utah
    No, you can still make a difference. You and the 10 million or so of us that can still walk just need 1 Leonidas to follow, and the right battle for him to lead us into.;)

    At some point it will become obvious to the masses just how utterly broken our democratic system has become, and the solution will be more violent than a DNC led protest at a GOP debate with Trump involved.

    But not yet.
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    Welcome to the Asylum. Don't worry, there's a Marine in charge...
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    Welcome from an Air Force veteran! Some of my best friends are marines! :)
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    Ya that helps Gomer?????:rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Guess that makes you Goober :D
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    Mole your not allowed to talk Military BS till you actually served. And you can't claim your son as counting. Go stand in line and see if you can still get cookies.
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    Excuse me, I was an Airdale, not some lowly swab jockey. Dumb grunt. :)
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    I love it when you talk dirty
  18. Well guys, sorry for the hiatus. I actually lost the site and for a few weeks was like what was that "great Hi Point forums?" and just couldn't figure it out, and then searched for a replacement rear sight and low and behold HPFF pops up. I was oh snap. Anyway, thank you everyone for the well wish thus far, and for all the veterans, and the Marine in charge. Ooh Rah.
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    "E" gave me a cookie, I'm good! :D

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    I was a marine in the late 50s and a flyboy in he early 60s.

    Semper Fi