Sent the JC for warranty

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  1. Had to send the .40 in for repair. FTF nose up and no matter how many adjustments to the magazine nor the number of different mags tried still had the same issue. Mom called me today and informed me the barrel was loose in the frame......maybe I needed to stop feeding it +p:eek: But on the bright side Mom is replacing it with a new model :cool:
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    Unless you wanted a new model, of course.:)

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    That's the bright side? I'd be pissed.
  4. It is the bright side when the old one has been painted then repainted then had hydro graphics done the stripped again. The poor thing was flat wore out, lost track of actual mileage but the slide was rebuilt by mom twice. I actually dropped this one in the creek on our hunting property and still fired just fine (dried and inspected first). Though it is like getting rid of your first car.