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    Gun Control: Dem Bill Would Outlaw Firearm Brands On Kid’s Clothing And Colorful Guns

    A Democrat sponsored gun control bill would drastically curtail any efforts to “market guns to children,” according to supporters. The Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act would make it illegal for groups like the NRA and firearms manufacturers to showcase their brand on child-sized hats and clothing, among a host of other new regulations which has Second Amendment advocates organizing opposition to the proposed legislation.

    Freshman Democrat Robin Kelly, of Illinois, argues in the Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act that marketing guns to children is “contributing to the shooting deaths of children across the country.” The facts and statistics used to reach such a conclusion remains unclear. In rural areas, both boys and girls are often taught to safely handle guns at an early age for the purpose of hunting. Mass shootings or accidental child gun deaths in such regions are extremely rare or non-existent, according to government crime statistics. Many schools in rural areas are closed for the first day or deer season, or at the very least, allow hunting on such days as an excused absence.

    The ban on anything gun related being marketed to children would be enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. Any youth sized rifle still manufactured after the passage of the gun control bill would have to bear a warning label about the gun being “real” and using or touching it could cause injury. About once per year, we hear of a news story detailing how a minor trained to use guns properly has protected him or herself and siblings from an intruder. Teaching children about the safe handling of guns and how to shoot are among the primary objectives of NRA youth days and similar events held around the country by other groups.
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    The world would be so much safer without a kid wearing a manufacturer's hat or shirt.

    And logos such as Nike shouldn't be allowed either. It just promotes theft in underprivileged youth right?

  3. tallbump

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    What irks me is how bout the govt just let me decide what my kid can and can't wear or use what I allow them to use?
  4. Bull

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    That and I'm suing because some kid was wearing an Obama shirt, and made my kid dumber seeing it.
  5. MaryB

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    Half of central america and mx is invading, economy is tanking, no jobs, and dems wasted time on this crap??? It won't pass the house so why bother.
  6. cktvt

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    This isn't just a 2nd amendment issue - it's also a 1st amendment issue. Logos on personal clothing express a favorable opinion about whatever the logo represents, and are therefore a form of (protected) speech. It would seem to be my right as a parent to dress my kid in a Ruger hat if that's what I want, and the gubmint should stay out of it.
  7. Yeah tshirts with gun manufacturers is the leading cause of kids shooting about the fact that some kids are just freaking mental. Why does there have to be a reason!? I use to run up and down the streets with my friends when I was a kid shooting plastic guns and metal cap guns playing cops and robbers. Magically out of the 9 boys on my cul de sac growing up, everyone of us are professionally employed, no criminal records, college educated and we hunt, shoot, fish, and wear our t shirts without ever killing, shooting, or harming anyone.
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    See, that attitude is why we have all of these shootings. You are obviously an unfit parent and that's why we have schools ask kids if there are guns in their homes. I bet all mass shooters at one time in their childhoods, saw some kind of positive marketing of firearms. If we would only demonize guns and gunowners to children, we could have a complete anti gun population in 2 generations. Since parents obviously are unable to properly educate their children against firearms, the government has a responsibility to do so! (Sarcasm):).

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  9. it is all about making guns evil in the eyes of our kids. I am glad my grandkid's have me as an example and know the difference between guns and evil. Them kid's love guns.

    Hopefully this crappola will get no traction.
  10. not to mention due to my training of them kids the 11 year old is a fine rifleman, understands gun safety and hopefully will never have to have my back in a shtf situation. I feel for whoever he might take a bead on in that situation. He don't miss.
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Seems to me the answer to this issue is obvious.

    Only rural folks seem to have no issues with their kids and guns, maybe the law should actually be that no city dwellers are allowed to have kids...seems they can't raise them right anyhow.:cool:

    Bonus..this would help the left wingers with population growth, pollution, jobs, medical care, and so many other things they worry about.:p

    In fact to make the world a safer place, we should put up walls around the cities. To help keep those people in their safe place, of course.:rolleyes:
  12. Bull

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    And people with guns on the outside to make sure they stay safely in there!
  13. Moestooge

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    What could be more hypocritical than rabid pro-aborts shrieking about the alleged need to "protect the children"?
  14. Bull

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    Or that capital punishment for violent criminals is inhumane.
  15. lklawson

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    It may or may not be "humane," but it certainly has darn little deterrent value.

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  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    On the other hand, there's darned few repeat offenders.:cool:
  17. lklawson

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    <nods> Sovereign for recidivism.

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  18. Bull

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    Beat me to it!
  19. planosteve

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    You sir are a radical right wing nut job with repressed anger issues and do not know what is good for you. :rolleyes:
    Therefore you need to listen to your betters and turn in all your guns so the liberals that know better can tell you how to live your life.:rolleyes:

    :rolleyes:Just wanted to make sure everyone knows this is sarcasm.:rolleyes:
  20. MaryB

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    And stop all food and water supply from outside...