Serious issue with my 995, to share with all..

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Joe77, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Joe77

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    Happy Holidays Folks,
    My 995 was wearing the ATI stock since day one ( brand new) and I've gone to the range with it three times only, Probably 400 rounds throu it...
    And by the way always shot flawlessly.
    Back from the range last time, took it apart, and I was shocked to see that the bolt was cracked at the area where it holds the firing pin ( two lips on top of the firing pin were cracked all the way). I could see it better with flashlight!!
    Used only regular FMJ from Sellier & Bellot ( It's good stuff).
    Customer service was awsome, took it back even with the ATI stock and told me on the phone that ATI stock is never a good housing for this gun specially for the firing assembly, sooner or later some issue will appear.
    They mentioned that the solid feel with ATI does not mean a good functionality ( they have couple of guns with ATI stock for testing there and they did not approve them).
    The gun is back wearing new original stock, extra magazine and few more parts here and there ( and my ATI stock separatley) and gess what?? The darn bolt still cracked!!. I explained alot to them but the guy did not see it!!!
    I will call them tomorrow to see what can be done, I'm sure they'll take care of it..But for you guys, just be careful and make sure to inspect this gun in that mentioned area ( do not forget the flashlight there)...
    All I know is I will not put the ATI stock back and I will not exchange safety for looks!!!!
    Be safe...
  2. Ari

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    Welcome to the forum...

    Can you take photo of this for us? I would like to see what it looks like.

  3. Joe77

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    I just took a picture of it..I did the best I could to get it close!!!
    The damaged area has arrows and circles on it.. try and zoom the picture if possible....but as I said With flashlight you can see the crack going all the way down to the firing pin housing!!!

    Ooops, Did not work..Can you please tell me how to post pictures??
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    Since the receivers are not steel but rather a zinc compound[ZAM3]I can understand why the flexible oem stock might be easier on the gun as the oem stock flexes and the ATI does not, which allows the receiver to take the full force of the recoil.On the down side my limited experience indicated the flexing of the oem stock effected accuracy as I was able to shoot more accurate groups with the ATI. Although recoil was not a problem with either the heavier ATI was more like shooting a 22 than a 9mm.
  5. Did you install the rubber recoil pad in the ATI stock?
  6. Joe77

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    I'm working on opening an account with Photbucket to post some images that way everyone can access it.

    lvfcfirefighter, I replied to your PM..
  7. rodka

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    sucks for your 995 but at hi point will fix it.
  8. I would really be interested to see the pics, that way I would know what to watch for myself. If man makes it, it can break. I firmly believe in that.
  9. Ridge

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    I agree...I'd like to see it so I can inspect mine...
  10. Ridge

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    Joe asked me to post the pics for him, so here we go...

    It does look to me as if the lip there is about the break off...
  11. Joe77

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    Ok Folks,
    Once I'm having some difficulties with posting the pictures, I sent "Ridge" an email to his hotmail attaching them, also I sent you "Ridge" a PM asking you for help to post them.. Much appreciated, and sorry for the inconvenience.
    Hope you guys see it if you're interested in watching out for a problem that might occur with your 995.
    Hope that'll help..
  12. Ridge

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    Twas not a problem, Joe :) Always glad to help out!
  13. Joe; thanks for havivg our backs.If it happen to one it can happen to ohers.
  14. I figured it out, I took mine apart and it is the same way. I took a magnet and found that what they have done is molded a couple of pieces of steel into the zinc slide right there to make for better wear I suppose, and you are seeing the mold lines where the steel and zinc come together,

    I tested it with a magnet and found that there was steel there, and took a jewlers loupe and a flashlight and looked closely and saw that they are not cracks but mold lines.

    That is why they did not fix the cracks, they are not cracks and they did not find anything unusual.

    Your weapon is fine unless the steel actually breaks loose and comes out
  15. Joe77

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    Thanks for your note "Waltham", that makes me a little more comfortble and so the others I guess.
    I had my gun apart since last week and waiting for Hi Point to come back from the Holidays to ask them about it.
    I'm just hoping that this insert is solid enough to stay that way ( it looks little scary)..I always monitor the minimum details in my weapons to make sure that everything is perfect.
    I will call them after the Newyear anyways and I'll keep you folks updated..
  16. Ari

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    Good work Waltham!
  17. I would not say it was safe if I was not positive of it. I looked at it through a 10x eye loupe and could see exactly what they did in the manufacturing process.

    Like I said, what you see is a mold line where the 2 different metals come together and were not machined as precisely as say Colt would have done, but nonetheless machined well enough for function.
  18. Knowing that, Waltham, would you think it worthy of running some sandpaper over that spot to smooth it out a little?