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Seriously thinking about 5.7

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My "new job windfall" is going to buy my a new gun. I'm kicking around several ideas ranging from a lightweight .308 AR to a 1911 45ACP +P stoked with 450SMC. But the 5.7x28 is quite intriguing to me. I'm too cheap to ever buy a FN FiveseveN but the Ruger 57 was looking interesting, that is until I stumbled across the PSA 5.7 Rock.

So far, literally, every review I've found of it has been positive. Lower price, decent trigger, more capacity (23+1), more affordable mags, optics ready options...

OTOH, it's out of stock all the time and seems like there's only one company making OWB Kydex for it (WeAreNerd). And it's a "full size handgun" that is a tad longer than the G17 in OAL with more of a slide.

And 5.7 ammo ain't free. I like being able to reload to save money on practice ammo and, as @greg_r has noted, 5.7 ammo has a reputation, at best, for being errr... "fiddly."

But the round is flat shooting, claims 30% less recoil than 9mm, has what looks to me to be good terminal performance, is endorsed by people I trust as being very effective for social work, and, in the event that Russia invades, most of the ammo will penetrate NIJ II soft armor and about 1/3 of boutique commercial offerings will penetrate Level IIIA, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

...still, I'm pretty cheap.

Peace favor your sword,
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I have a 6moa Venom, I know the Viper was 'supposedly" made more for pistols but I hate the rear locking screws, PITA if you have a co-witnessed rear sight.

To me the Venom IS the choice for pistols, especially with the 6 moa dot version. The viper is perfect for a 45 deg offset back up sight, it's not a primary so no big deal pulling it off to change the battery and its small so doesn't add a lot of weight to your AR.

It's not always the smallest sight that is best on a pistol my 34 has a monster on there but it's a nice big sight picture with a 3 moa dot. This pistol isn't made for SD per se but I still love it. That is a Bushnell First Strike 2.0 Reflex Sight.

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I'm not much of a glock fan, but I like that slide!
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Sheesh, I don't know why that posted so many times. My internet is sketchy here, I was just pleased that vispers pic loaded at all.
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