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Seriously thinking about 5.7

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My "new job windfall" is going to buy my a new gun. I'm kicking around several ideas ranging from a lightweight .308 AR to a 1911 45ACP +P stoked with 450SMC. But the 5.7x28 is quite intriguing to me. I'm too cheap to ever buy a FN FiveseveN but the Ruger 57 was looking interesting, that is until I stumbled across the PSA 5.7 Rock.

So far, literally, every review I've found of it has been positive. Lower price, decent trigger, more capacity (23+1), more affordable mags, optics ready options...

OTOH, it's out of stock all the time and seems like there's only one company making OWB Kydex for it (WeAreNerd). And it's a "full size handgun" that is a tad longer than the G17 in OAL with more of a slide.

And 5.7 ammo ain't free. I like being able to reload to save money on practice ammo and, as @greg_r has noted, 5.7 ammo has a reputation, at best, for being errr... "fiddly."

But the round is flat shooting, claims 30% less recoil than 9mm, has what looks to me to be good terminal performance, is endorsed by people I trust as being very effective for social work, and, in the event that Russia invades, most of the ammo will penetrate NIJ II soft armor and about 1/3 of boutique commercial offerings will penetrate Level IIIA, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

...still, I'm pretty cheap.

Peace favor your sword,
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@Tu_S I used to own a set of Ruger P90TH's. My little brother sold them while I was dealing with a legal matter and my mother convinced me not to beat his ass or call the police...
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He's talking the P90 frm FN not Ruger I believe.
That's a PS90, not a P90 (the $20K FA SBR model) and he was talking about EDC firearms, which could cause one to assume the handgun from Ruger and not a $2,000, 7lb, semiautomatic, bullpupped, "rifle" with a 16" barrel and a 50 round magazine...

This is the gun world. Terminology matters...

And I still regret not fucking my brother up for selling those things. The TH's were special editions with the hogue grip bearing the Ruger logo and mine had consecutive serial numbers too. Never forgave him and he'll always be that asshole... He decided I was putting my parents in a bad spot by storing them in their safe at the address listed on my original purchase permit from NY. He kept the money too. Said it was only fair since he took the risk selling them. We don't talk.
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Well since I'm part of the cool kids too...

I really like the 3moa Vortex Venom I have on the G20, and I also had the opportunity to shoot the heck out of the Viper as well. The Viper is made for pistols. Thinner, lower profile, bigger dot, etc but the battery cover is underneath. So you have to take it off the pistol to change it. That's why I went with the Venom. The Venom's battery is right on top. I read a bunch of issues about the battery cover, but I guess I got a good one or applied some sort of mechanical wizardry because the cover was not an issue at all.
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No problem Mole!!

OK so things I modified.

1. Slide is a Zev, KC Eusebio limited. Cut specifically for Bushnell First Strike (BFS) 2.0 Red Dot.
2. Apex Trigger/bar/connector/FP Safety.
3. Blacklist Magwell

Otherwise it is stock :p

Do me a favor, you can use that dovetail thingy OR send your OEM slide to Lonewolf - every Christmas they have a 50% off optics cut machining. Usually $120 ish so $60.00 plus shipping there (they pay return shipping) Get an RMR cut and call it a day!!!

Those dovetail mounts cost $50.00 ish at least and getting your slide milled is just better. Don't pay for re-coating the machined section, you just gonna cover it with an optic or cover plate anyways.
I considered doing the RMR cut myself but I didn't have a backup slide in case I fudged it.

Edit: I still want to do the long-slide and barrel conversion then buy an 80% and build a "ghost" frame
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It's cheap enough to send out and get done when they are on sale. RMR seems like the easiest cut though.

As for the 80% you can still get for now, just need to but the 80% frame at one store and the jig at another... pain in the arse but it is a work around for now.

Definitely a fun and rewarding thing to do. Slide wise Hooper gun works makes some real nice slides, and Zaffiri Precision (when on sale) otherwise just go with a P80builder one. I have tried a few and those are the best bang for your buck.

You can literally spend $150 to $500+ on a slide alone easy...
True, but I'm a tinkerer. I love being able to say, "yeah. I made that." I've done lots of long slide conversion research and hunting, it's just a matter of having the money available AND not having some random BS pop up to take it away.
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