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    Could really use some advice on a fair spotting scope in the $300 or less (more or less) range that is NOT made in China. All descriptions seem like they will do the job out to 300 yards (I have non-carbine rifles too) but user reviews suggest otherwise many times.
    Can anyone make a recommendation based on personal use as far as brand, model # and price range?
    I am considering the Levenhuk Blaze but am unsure as to the quality.
    Thanks in advance!
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    NE Utah
    Very few are available. Everyone uses Asian glass, as that's almost all there is at non-break the bank prices. Though some is Japanese, sort of. Even the Japanese glass makers source glass out of China or Taiwan, or...Thailand? There are 5 major companies, with factories all over.

    Nikkor, the folks that make Nikon camera glass, is a really good source. Leupold uses their glass. If you want to be almost certain it isn't Chinese, that might be the way to go.

    Zeiss does use some German glass. But only some of the Zeiss, as they also have some models that use Asian glass. According to them, the Asian glass they use is made to their specs, and just as good as the German glass.

    The good news is...there are lots of really good Chinese made models out there!:p

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    I've been using a 40-50 year old 80mm guide/finder scope from a telescope that I have; however, I've been recently also thinking of getting a new dedicated spotting scope similar to what the drecot (OP) is asking about.

    That Leupold Ventana Angle Spotting Scope that Ajole pointed out looks nice.

    Before I myself purchase a spotting scope, I would really like to hear mn_dogie's opinion on this topic. This is a quote of his from his post # 17, in a recent thread on the Hi-Point Carbines Form titled, "Where do <sic> you locate your red dot." (do was typo'd to)

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    Thanks guys. That helps. I'll narrow things down and when I make a selection and purchase I'll give you all my feedback. I once had a cheap Tasco that did the job at the range out to 100 yards but it seems to have developed legs. At least I still have the tripod that came with it!
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    LOL, yeah, mn_Doggie linked to that old dead post, and I "zombied" it back ;)
    It was a good thread
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    Spotting scopes.

    Well, Levenhuk gives something like a 40 day return policy so I guess I'll go with that. I ordered a Sightmark 6-100X100 scope that was actually on its' way when I discovered that it was neither nitrogen purged nor waterproof. Sightmark confirmed that the IPX3 rating only protected against "splashing" water and that it would certainly fog up in my climate, so I sent it back. Too bad, because it was otherwise a rather unique scope. I'll let you all know how the Levenhuk works out. I'm going to get the 30-90X90mm scope, although I did consider the 20-75x100 scope. That one was about 75% higher in cost though and Levenhuk said either one would work fine for my needs.
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    Is this the one you ordered?
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    Hi PapaMAS,
    Yes, that is the one I intend to order in a couple of weeks. Haven't ordered it yet. I DID order the Sightmark 6-100x100 spotting scope but discovered it was neither nitrogen purged nor waterproof so I canceled my order. Sightmark told me the PDX3 protection only permitted water to be "splashed" on it. If one was ever caught in a sudden downpour you would be in trouble and fogging is also an issue with that scope as it was. Too bad because it was otherwise a nice scope.