Sewer pipe shelter

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    I have lived her 3 years and have seen these 2 Fiberglass pipes under a evergreen tree that would be great for survival. If I could find a way to bring one piece with me I could dig a hole inside this cliff that's close to water and overlooks a major animal goldmine. If anyone passed thru. the area I would know and just hide. I don't want to spend my life living in a tube but I will survive.
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    What size are they, both across and length, and what do they weigh? They might be trailerable with a small utility trailer, or a boat trailer.

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    You mean like this?


    Only problem is no insulation; that thing would get wicked cold unless it was buried.
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    Someone had a website up back when the LoTR Trillogy was fist out about building a "Hobbit Home" using different sizes/shapes of concrete pipe. Was an interesting idea, I can't seem to find the page.
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    Not quite that big

    The pipes are the green and made of fiberglass or plastic and has enough room for one person. I figure that once I get a hole started on a hillside, I can insert part of it and keep digging until I have it all the way in. There should be enough room for my gear and a bed. I wouldn't haft to worry about rain, insulation and anyone wanting to shoot me would haft to shoot directly into the hole. I could cover the hole with almost anything and no one would ever know I was there.
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    Forgot to mention

    I'm not a thief but if the SHTF, I,m taking them.
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    I think a good idea might be to look into having one or two of these ready before SHTF. because come SHTF you may not have time to find the pipe, or dig the hole. It cannot be that expensive anyhow. all you need is a plot of land and a pipe. then you make some living stuff inside. How are you going to cook your food? maybe one pipe for sleeping, one for food prep and eating. you also have to worry about ventilation, carbon monoxide and methane content. You would not gas yourself to death after escaping the military occupation of the city or whatever caused you to bug out. if hiding is your idea power would be tricky. You cannot have a generator inside because you will gas yourself, and you cannot have any surface structures because that would give you away. I like the idea but there are a lot of logistics to work out before you can pull it off. Unless you just want to sit in a pipe sticking out the side of a mountain. that would be pretty easy.
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    I saw a post asking about this on another forum, and after digging around a bit, I found something that seems to suite better for a more serious underground structure. That being pre-cast tunnel and bridge spans.
    Box culverts / tunnels come in a bunch of different sizes, and are either 3 sided, or 4 sided with a 'floor'. They are designed to seal water tight end to end, so you can make them as long as you want (most non-custom order are 8' long). The advantage I see to these over pipe is mostly the square shape, no messing around with curved floors and ceilings. The come in a bunch of 'stock' sizes, all the way up 12Wx10H from the local (state) precast firms.
    Pre-Cast bridge spans are 3 sided and usually arched on the top, but they are stocked in spans of up to 24' and 12' tall. Again, they are 8' deep so that they can be transported on a standard semi, and designed to seal end to end as above.
    I have not gotten pricing info, though I would assume that since they're a commodity item (there is a storage yard about 20 miles from here that must have a thousand of them), they would be much cheaper then building something on site. They should also be stronger being pre-cast. As far as strength BTW, all the brochures I checked listed them as being rated for usage under railroad tracks, so I don't think that will be an issue. The only thing I see is that you'll probably want to make sure and do any pipes/vents/etc out the end walls (cinder block+poured). Drilling a vent stack through 6-8" of steel reinforced concrete seems... Unpleasant.

    My personal pipe dream/plan is to bury 4 12x10x8 box culvert sections in the hill. Seal off the ends with cinder block walls, and also seal the last section from the rest with a block wall. Living quarters in the first 3 sections (12'x24' and 10' ceiling for routing cables and pipes above, and lots of overhead storage) and use the last (separated) area as a machine room (generator, water purification gear, etc).
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    Love the ideas

    I'm new here but like the fact that I'm not the only person that is thinking about this stuff, thanks.
  10. I was playing poker with my dad and brother last night and my dad made an offhand comment about the farm being a great place to go...just in case.

    Bear in mind he's a PhD Professor who would rather write poetry than go hunting. Says something about the current state of affairs when even he is thinking like that.
  11. My plan is if I have to leave the security of the trailer, I am going to take both minivans, load them down with everything possible and go into the public reserve nearby. I know of a stream when I would take up shelter nearby, I plan to keep all of the supplies in one van, and strip the seats out of the other and use it for shelter and sleeping.

    Maybe not the best plan, but a plan nonetheless
  12. I heading into the mountians!!!! Or going to Primals???? He doesnt know it yet lol. Hey dude I brought beer lol..........and ammo
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    I'm sure going to miss the beer lol.