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Do you share your gun at the range if someone is willing to share theirs with you?

Sharing at the Range

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So... When I'm at the range, I'm perfectly happy to let someone pop off a couple of rounds with my rifle, and often they'll let me try out what they have. Just the other day, a guy was out with his son, and I offered to let them shoot my DPMS a little. In return, I got to put a few rounds through his Glock 27 and a Ruger .22 target pistol. I've done the same with some other folks at the range, including one guy with an AK-47 and a Mauser with a long eye-relief scope. I think it's a great way to check out other types of guns without having to pay to rent them. As long as I feel like I'm getting a decent trade, I'm all for it, though nobody's getting to shoot my AR by offering to let me plink with their 10/22...

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My mamma tought me to share. I will share just about everything but my girlfriend.
I always share, especially if the other guy is a "Fudd". Nothing like letting a die hard "what do you need one of those AK47s for, you can't hunt with it" types and let them see how fun it is to blast away with an AK74 or or an AR, Calico, etc. Unless he's one of those "if it's not a custom made Trap Gun I'm not interested" types they usually come away from the experience with a smile and a changed attitude. Well worth a few rounds of ammo.
I always share if asked and offer if not asked.

Funny that this came up now though because just yesterday I met my 1st a-hole at the range. I needed to adjust the sites on my 995TS and asked the guy beside me if he had a screwdriver I could borrow, mine was to big. He did, then proceeded to give me a lecture on how to properly use "his" screwdriver, and what was allowable uses and what wasn't. It was a cheap Stanley, not an expensive precision type. What a Weenie head! Just PO'd me so I told him thank you but nevermind, I'd work on it when I got home. His tools, his rules, but what a rude attitude. Guess I need to get out more. Sorry for the rant and now have the appropriate screwdriver in the range bag.
I will share just about everything but my girlfriend.
DANG it... :D
I think it is cool to share, i agree, return the favor and have some hardware yourself.
I like showing off my stuff and enjoy seeing stuff that I don't own....yet! The outdoor range I go to seems to have alot of cool people there that like to talk about there weapons if you ask. Checking out all the fun things that people bring is Almost as much fun as shooting. I really enjoy talking to the older guys....most are chock full of good info or stories.
I met an older lady the last time I was at the outdoor range. She had a great collection of .22 pistols and 1 Henry .22 rifle. She was a great shot and a hoot to talk to.

I will only share my cheaper firearms. I view my more expensive firearms as investments, so I won't put them into the hands of a stranger that possibly doesn't have a clue how to operate them. That's just me. I can just imagine somebody shooting my new Kimber or my Springfield XD, then dropping them onto the gravel accidentally (omg mister, those sure do recoil), and putting tons of marks into them...lol.

My .22 handguns, and my Hi-Point, I'll share openly without extra thought.

Usually I'm not too interested into shooting other people's weapons. Just my preference, that's all.
Just a thought. There are some a-holes out there but we have to remember that there are a lot of people out there that are new to the shooting community. Give them time, those who fit will stay, a-holes never leave and the rest will find something else to do.
Well, Since someone FINALLY brought this topic up........................

Always shared my JCP40, and 995 with everyone. Will share my C9 now that I have one. And my 4595TS when I get it. Best way to make converts. (IMO) That's how I got converted. Now I'm an addict.

Shared my XDM'S, Sig's, M&P's, AR's, Thompson, Ruger's Etc. before I had to sell them recently. :cantlook: Didn't share my safe queens. But hey even I wasn't allowed to shoot them.

Having said That...................

FYI-I have a full down payment on the first 4595TS that hits the LGS. (Assuming it's not ridiculously priced and I'm still in Ohio in 2015.)

If anyone in Ohio wants to shoot it let me know. Will announce which range I'll be at to test it out if it every gets released. It's BYOA 45ACP FMJ & JHP, extra mags, video cameras, etc and we'll see if it will hold up as well as my Thompson did. Only thing I ask is I shoot the very first three mags. Would like to put at least 1K through it. And willing to have multiple range visits if needed.

Worst case I'll get to use the Lifetime Warranty. Plus I'm sure "Mom" would appreciate a stress test on the 4595TS. And if she holds together I have a broken in 4595TS that didn't cost much in ammo. :devilsidesmile:

Any takers?

As was said in Poltergeist, " ALL ARE WELCOME."

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Nope don't share except with close friends and family, don't know the person don't know how they handle things, since my HP is the only .45 i have right now that is my "investment" pistol as are all my guns. I will share ammo etc but not the firearms ..its along the lines of what others said if I drop it and ding it thats on me (or if someone I deem trustworthy does) if a stranger does it will just make me mad. I have always been anal about my stuff though keeping original boxes etc. Its just me. I will go out of my way to help people, stop to help change a tire etc but the stuff I bought for me is well..for me. If I don't own it I really have no interest in shooting it.
No way in hell.

"Hi im really a BARF agent and I just want to take a close look at your assault rifle", no thanks.
In my opinion, it's just asking for trouble--especially with the type of weapons I bring to the range. It's a chance that I just wouldn't be willing to take. The only people who are welcome to try my weapons are (close) friends and family.
I've always shared. I got too shoot a really nice .308 by sharing. As long as i get a good "vibe" it wouldn't bother me.
I clicked on yes, but really it is only if I see how they handle their firearms first. If they appear to be careless its "NOPE".

Like the time I was at the range in Princeton IA., and these two idiots in the lane next to me started shooting their 10/22 down range WHILE I WAS DOWN THERE SETTING UP MY TARGET IN THE VERY NEXT LANE. :mad: I yelled at them to stop shooting and their reply was "its only a .22".

I got back up to the bench picked up my AK to start packing up my stuff before I decided to shoot at them like they did to me, when one of them said "man, is that and AK-47. If we give you some money for ammo can we shoot it?"

I politely and with a forced smile said "nope, I am out of here" and left.
What My05Hammer said. I won't hand a gun to just anybody.
In the same vein I never ask to use someones else's either. It just seems to be good range manners.
Rhodes I suppose that makes a lot of sense. It'll be awkward the first time I have to tell someone, "Well, you appear to be a moron, so I just can't let you shoot any of my guns." It would be better to have a flat "hands off the equipment policy" ;) I wouldn't ever actually ask to shoot someone else's guns either. I would if they offered me the chance, but I'd never ask.
Most people really like to be nice to others but there are some places this just doesn't work as well. I just tell them for reasons having nothing to do with them personally I don't loan weapons. I smile while I say it and never have any problem, but then I am armed after all.
I've never been touchy about things I own. If you want to borrow my fishing gear, car, gun ect... that's usually fine by me. There are some exceptions but for the most part I'll share.
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