Sharp Animated Hi-Point Pistol Video

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  1. That was very cool Glockman :) Thanks!

    Now, a cookie to the person that can tell me what movie the song that was playing in the background was featured in. Two cookies to the person who can tell me that as well as the name of the song :D

  2. very cool animation - looked like a LOT of effort was put into it between the mechanical detail as well as the graphical (e.g. looked like some good texturing - possibly bump mapping, and lighting effects).

    This ought to be a perm link !
  3. was that song in broke-back mountain?
  4. I went to the web site that Hi point breakdown is posted on and they have a fantastic slow motion video at the top of the page of exploding targets, well worth a look!
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    Wasn't that song used in Blue Lagoon, with Brooke Shields. Pretty shure it was used in a sex scene :)
  6. I believe the movie was The Deer Hunter, don't know the name of it.
  7. Good video, now if only we could edgecate the public on guns. :roll:
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    I think it is an excellent video. It is nice to see someone care enough to educate people. Now if the damn public will just listen.
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    Thanks it was well done.
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    SE PA
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    cool stuff thx
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    yeah that was actually pretty cool. good work. it looks like the 45 is easier to take apart than the c9. maybe it was just the video. but one of the things that seemed fast and easy unlike the c9...having to hammer out that catch pin grrrr.
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    dude that what an interesting video
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    Cool, Thanks!
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    Still have to hammer out the pin on the 40&45. They are made the same as the C-9.
  16. Cool video! Thanks for posting that.