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  1. greg_r

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    An odd bit of a way to relax I guess, but I enjoy a good shave.

    My daughter's were showing me some kind of fancy aftershave and some fancy razor that I swear had 8 or so blades in it! They are gearing up for Christmas. They say I have an old man smell. They are wanting to modernize me! Get me some really cool shaving stuff.

    I like my safety razor. The kind that opens like a butterfly so you can swap out the blades. Barbasol has been my mainstay for shaving cream and aftershave for as long as I can remember. I do like my horsehair shaving brush and shaving mug set and use it from time to time, but the shaving mug soap is getting hard to find unless you order it. If it's a special occasion, a date with SWMBO for example, I break out the English Leather!

    There is a soap shop across from my son's Emporium. We visited there. I showed them the folding straight razors they sell. I told them how much I like them. Plus the hand made soaps. "Which ones do you like Pappy?" Whichever has the woodsy smell as long as it has a hint of clove in it.

    I think they got the hint. I'm looking forward to opening my gift now!
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  2. Twisty

    Twisty Simple by choice Supporting Member

    English Leather all the rage mid sixties- early seventies. I went back to Old Spice.

    I still use a safety razor. Switched to it from the straight razor that I learned to shave on at 18.
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    DEDUBE Illegitimi carborundum Member

    I too love a great shave and have a copper wire beard. I've tried all the big company shavers and they all work OK but I purchased a Defender razor that give me the best shave of my life. I use a little shaving lotion for a lubricant.
  4. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    Old spice is a favorite as well. Original only though. Which is only slightly easier to find than English Leather! I just can not get into all these newfangled scents.
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  5. Twisty

    Twisty Simple by choice Supporting Member

    Ok you did it. Foggy memories becoming clearer.

    At around 12 peach fuzz was developing (if you used your imagination). After years of watching my father shave he began the ritual of teaching me to shave. Lathering the soap on the face. Practicing using the unsharpened edge of a table knife. Stropping the razor. Using it on a balloon. Then finally on my face. Sure lots of cuts but it was a great bonding process.

    When I started the ritual with my son my wife gave him an electric razor and said " This is easier. Just be done with it."
  6. beaglenc

    beaglenc Member

    There is a can of Barbasol on the counter in my bathroom next to a single edge, throw over yer shoulder razor.
    AND reg scent "pit stick" deodorant....some dusty bottled of Brut that Broadway Joe sold to me way back when.....hmmmm...BRUT!
  7. moona11

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    You guys are old.
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  8. adam01364

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    Nope. We're well seasoned and experienced, ya young whippersnapper!
  9. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Jovan musk is the correct scent, I use the Equate shaving gels, and I use the safety razor about every 4 or 5 shaves, otherwise it's the quick and easy disposables for me.
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  10. cicpup

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    Grown men wearing perfume. How cute.
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  11. Dane

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    Fixed it for you. . . . . .

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I like the [​IMG] A friend was bitching menthol anything wasn't sold at Walmart any more. So..............

  13. beaglenc

    beaglenc Member

    Anyone have that "chalk stick", staunch the bloodbath thingy? My dad seemed to take great joy in applying that to my face...I'm thinking he gave me dinged up blades to learn with.
    Ohhh, the pain! HEHEHEHEHEH!
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  14. i always enjoyed my local barber giving me a shave , the hot towel and warm shave cream out of his dispenser. the after the shave the talcum powder dusting he would do, .sure miss those , he retired a couple years back , all the other barbers in town wont use razors for anything, sucks
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  15. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Styptic pencil. Yep, got them. That or toilet paper does the job. Just don't forget to peel the TP off before you go to work...:confused:
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  16. adam01364

    adam01364 Lifetime Supporter

    Hell yeah styptic pencil! Early on, my eldest decided to borrow my old fashioned safety razor to shave her legs. Nicked herself good, so, she grabbed my stytic pencil and her "YEEEOW!!" woke up the entire house. Collateral benefit: My shaving gear became sacred (shoulda been in the first place), 'cause nobody dared use it ever again. ;)
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  17. mr_flintstone

    mr_flintstone Supporting Member

    I use a safety razor with either Van der Hagen soap or Barbasol Theraputic (toothpaste tube) shaving cream, and follow up with Pinaud Clubman aftershave. Old school, but it works for me.
  18. eldarbeast

    eldarbeast Supporting Member

    Trac-II's are my favourite shave since 1973.
    Tried Atra once - created beautiful swirly cuts all over my face and neck.
    I believe I still have a bottle of Hai Karate' someplace...

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  19. Tomcat1108

    Tomcat1108 Supporting Member

    Since I have obtained my DD-214, I have eschewed shaving in favor of facial hair. For the trimming and upkeep, I use the Norelco One Blade. Nifty little device that does it all.