She got one!! Now with PICS

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  1. neothespian

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    My girl just came back from Big5 Sporting goods 95 bucks lighter, but with a PRISTINE 1944 M44 with matching numbers and a nearly flawless stock! I would post pics, but will have to wait until tomorow since she doesn't want me to go "randomly" Posting pics of her new rifle. But I'll just snag them while she's at work.... it IS that nice. Trust me.

    As far as my build is concerned....I'm a bit disappointed that I can't get that mirror sheen to the gun. The polish just looks like crap :( There is also no brass plater for nearly 150 miles, and I broke the trigger spring. Not happy and just might go back to re-bluing the barrel, but I'm afraid of screwing that up too...

    Yes I'm jealous.
  2. Cool girlfriend!!!

    Nice gun!!

    Take pics!!

  3. Ari

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    I am want to see it :lol:
  4. Glennfrank

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    Sounds like both the gun and the girlfriend are both keepers!

    Look forward to seeing the gun pics!
  5. Very cool. Not much is sexier than a girl that buys her own guns. Will she let you play with it too? Great girl you have, show us some pics. (of the gun, or the girl with the gun!)
  6. Swap with her and be like "wow hunny, can you believe that there was just shoe polish all over your barrel! Not nearly as nice now...but on the bright side, i finished my gun....TADA!
  7. neothespian

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    And the requisite porn!!! (and NO, that isn't my girl w/her gun naked. She won't do such things :( )

    One laminate stock, matching number M44 coming right up!

  8. Looks like she got a pretty nice mosin there Neo.
  9. $95????? Wow, well done!
  10. neothespian

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    Actually it was only $75. She got me a box of 9mm UMC in order to not make me feel so bad :p
  11. Nice. I bought one of those $75 M44's too from Big 5. Both of my M44's from there have been very clean and in very good shape. I am happy with them.