she Jammed on me!!

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  1. Since I go Saturday to take my CHP class and test, i figured I'd get some time in on the mountain. went out there today to get some practice with my C9 since besides the 100 rounds I put through it last week , I haven't fired a pistol in years, so I'm obviously a little rusty.

    went and fired my first 3 or 4 clips and missed everything :oops: after about 10 clips I at least started hitting the jug. probably during my 12th clip, the thing jammed up about 3 times straight :shock: went another 2 or 3 rounds without a misfire and then she misfired again. last three rounds! :shock: it took me a minute to realize what was happening. my daughter was loading my clips for me ( she wanted to get out of her chores and realized taht that was teh easiest way to do it) and she wasn't seating the base of teh bullet all the way against the back of the mag. I was rapid firing and she was trying to load them quicker in order to make sure that I had a fresh mag when I emptied the one I was on. :roll:

    moral of the story: if you're ever going to have somebody load your mags make sure you show them how to do it RIGHT.
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    Phew, I'm glad you found what as causing your issue... now i don't have to go find the "Magazine Lip Adjustment" thread.

  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Is there a hidden message there Strangerous?
  4. well that was what my first thought was as well, since my second magazine was a brand spankin new one from Beemiller, but thankfully, it turned out to be something even easier to fix, the bad habits of a teenager :?
  5. :shock: Tell me more about these 'easy to fix bad habits of a teenager.'

    Maybe you should write a parenting book... :shock:
  6. :shock: :oops: oh what I meant to say was....

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    I purchased the 45 2 weeks ago. Took it to the range. First clip was without incident. The next clips jammed at least once or some times twice. I tried 3 different types of ammo with the same results. I figured I needed to polish the slide as mentioned here. When I told a buddy of mine about it he asked if I oiled it up. Oh duh, no? I gave it a cleaning and oiling and went out and shot off 50 round of target ammo without any problems. I even rapid fired 2 clips. Perfect. My only complaint about this weapon is its kind of bulky, but I can live with that. I like the trigger pull. My last gun , a taurus pt 111 9mm gave me no problems but had a lond trigger pull.
  8. Wish I could get my gf to do that... instead I'm usually stuck loading HER mags as well :(.
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    I get bored with loading my wifes mags. She shoots more ammo than I do. I usually go through at least 300-500 rounds per range session. (make good use of my range fees)
  10. well now I have a different problem. I have decided to try to get my pistol to accept hollow points, which I hear alot about jamming etc. I'll let ya'll knoqw how it turns out
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    Mine eats hollow points with no probs.
  12. well i bought 100 rounds of the WWB personal protection JHP ammo, I'll be going Sunday to test fire it.
  13. i have always used that 100 round box of winchester at wallyworld. seems to work great. let me know how the hollow points work out, i might try some.
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    Rob I use the WWB for plinkin and it works fine. The only probblem I have had, The wwb is not manufactured to extremely high specs. The box I got the shell was a tad bigger than other. It's no problem with firing just my mags would only hold 7 rounds.
  15. well, I bought 2 boxes of the WWB hollow points ( personal protection) and a box of Remington UMC. while the WWB HPs worked.... decent, the remingtons worked out great. had a couple jams, but considering that I still haven't even polished the feed ramp, or adjusted teh mag lips ( never needed to firing the FMJ WWB ammo, they fired great) I woulday that either load would work fine after the necessary "adjustments", plus once I get to carry, I'd rather have the more powerful HP rounds at my disposal anyway.