she made it.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lsi1, May 27, 2015.

  1. lsi1

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    it seems like forever ago when that little test came up possitive. my wife had a terrible pregnancy sick all the time, moody, and just generally scared due to several previous miscarriages. yesterday at 8am my daughter Ellie was born via c-section. I could not be prouder or happier both mommy and baby girl are good and recovering well. My little family is now complete She's pictured here bing held by her big brother Zack.

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  2. tallbump

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    Welcome Ellie

    I was hoping you were going to start this thread soon, if not, I was going to do it for you :D

    GLad to hear mom and daughter are doing well

  3. Bull

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    Congratulations!...... Glad everyone is doing good!
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    Peace favor your sword,
  5. ekim

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    Congrats hope everyone is doing well.
  6. lsi1

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    thank you everyone. mother and baby are doing great baby is nursing just as she should be and big brother went right off to school proud of his new big brother job. i on the other hand am frantically cleaning the house making room for all the baby gear thats been piling up in the nursery.

    on the firearm side of things i now have an unexplained desire for a double barrel 10ga that i've just never had before. Or maybe that dp-12 since i seem to be the resident bullpup shotgun guy.
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    Congrats from a warm and sunny place !!!
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    Congratulations on the new critter. I'm sure that she'll like her new double-barreled 10-gauge when she gets big enough for it.:D
  9. Outlaw

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  10. lsi1

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    its not for her its more for demonstration purposes only like

    (insert boys name here)Look at what this 10ga can do to that ______(insert object to be destroyed here.)

    i live in a small town 1 or 2 of those demonztrations should get my point across.

    My friend told me that my little girl will be the only girl when shown the 38 snubby who is disappointed it isn't 357.
  11. lsi1

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    yes i know it doesn't actually work like that but let a new dad dream.
  12. Congrats on your new arrival.
  13. undeRGRound

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    T1st, you should have known that! :rofl:

    Congratulations, LSI1! ("Dad") ;)
  14. Think1st

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    Yeah, I knew what they were for. I just had to be a wiseacher.
  15. moona11

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    Congrats on the little one.
  16. tallbump

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    Just wait until she gets older. It just gets worse, believe me.

    Guess it's time to get rid of the pup, huh? ;)
  17. lsi1

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    if i buy that double barreled 10 i;ll have to give it to her along with the rest of the debt from buying it when i die.

    no way tall the dog stays i may even buy rach out of pups to keep her 130 miles away where she belongs.
  18. Hermitt

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    Congrats on the new addition!