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  1. Here is something that I have on my fixed blade Kydex type knife sheaths.
    I started ou with a K-Bar Kydex sheath then I took some 550 cord and tied a nylon sheath for a folding knife to it makeing sure that I had a lot of extra 550 cord if I needed it . Next I put in the sheath a Leatherman / Gerber mulit-tool , disposable lighter , and a flat diamond sharpener. After I finally got it all in there I secured it with a few Ranger Bands to hold it tight and to use as a fire starter.
    I have 3 of these setups : one has an old K-Bar, one has a Cold Steel SRK, and the other one has a Cold Steel UWK ( this pouch has just a sharpner and lighter).

  2. I don't have a camera :(
  3. Spot - turn your computer off. Get up, go to your neighbor's house, knock on the door. Tell him you're there to take back your lawnmower and ladder. When he starts to complain, tell him okay, he can keep them for another week, but he has to lend you his CAMERA!!!!

    Then get some pics for us! Good ideas NEED to be shared. :lol: :lol:
  4. The good part of where I live is I don't have any close neighbors :D .
    Next time I go to town I will look at Walley World and see if I can find one. I have a 35 mm and a cam corder , but no digital . Does anyone have any economically (cheep) priced recomendations?
  5. Spot,

    One camera I wont recommend is the Kodak EasyShare. Bought the daugher one last Christmas and it has not been a good camera at all, plus it eats batteries like crazy.

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    I'm with spot.1)guns,2)ammo,3)spare mags,4)food+water,5)meds,6)other shtf gear,247)camera :D
  7. It's either that or take your rolls of exposed film down to Wal-Mart to get it developed, and instead of getting prints, get the picture CD. That's the easiest way to do it.
  8. You're getting tired of hearing this: camera.
  9. No I'm not getting tired of hearing this , I know that I should get one. It is all in good fun :lol:
    PrimalSeal , I had forgot about the CD that comes with the pictures. :eek:
  10. Ok boys and Girls , I got some pictures and will attempt to post them. :D

  11. Here is a shot of the backside of the sheath , as you can see I used a lot of 550 cord , you can never have too much in a survival situation.
    BTW PrimalSeal , you give good directions.

  12. You're welcome Spot!

    I like the finished product very much. I don't have a sheath for my 'survival' knife, but I do have a Gerber AND a leatherman.... That's a neat little modification.
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