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  1. What is everyone using as a shelter in their get home bag? I was looking at adding a tube tent but since I keep it in my truck I could probably add a small dome tent no problem and just strap it to my bag if I left my vehicle.
  2. All I am using to that affect is a aussie poncho and some bungie cords.... Works well for field time. Also have my Ranger bag in there too. Would be cold in the winter but it does work!!!

  3. 69burbon

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    Military Poncho in the bag (gotta buy a new liner though), I also keep a 6X8 tarp in the truck.
  4. Kyu

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    I gotta agree with the tarp. My feelings about my GHB is that I am moving fast and light. So I view it as sleeping under the stars or under a tarp in the case of rain. Why carry the weight of even a small tent when the whole idea is to get you to a local where you can resupply? I would also add that, even though it is in your truck, I think the reality is that we will be hoofing such kits on our backs if SHTF.

  5. Thorn 242

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    Like the obligitory military panchoand liner and a tarp w/ para cord and/ or rope handy
  6. I keep an 8x10 tarp under each back seat in my truck and enough para-cord stuffed in the doors to tie up Bigfoot. Also have those "nail" tent spikes from Wal-mart.
  7. I have a small 1-2 person light weight hiking tent that would be my primary over night shelter. I also have a tarp and para cord just incase I need extra rain protection for the tent or a quick day shelter due to rain.
  8. elguapo

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    Since my bag is for me, I only have a GI poncho and liner for shelter. I also have a winter overcoat, gloves and knit hat for warmth.
  9. I have a 4x6 pup tent that I got for Christmas in my GHB. Never go without shelter.
  10. Ari

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    A Bivybag is a nice way to go. Lite small,and very dry.

  11. 5' x 8' tarp (poncho pictured, but you get the idea :wink: ) with a load of paracord, some nice thick tent stakes, and a gortex modular sleep system.


  12. Thorn 242

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    wish i could afford that gortex system....had one in the bag ever made imo
  13. I have 2 of those gortex sleep systems, but they are too bulky to put in a GHB. What I do have is 5 milsurp wool blankets and other stuff to keep warm with.
  14. I agree with the bulky! But if you take the Black section out they get really small. I have one that was issued to me but I have 2 more the only part I dont have is the black section for either of them..... Throw the "woobie" in there and they are nice and toasty!!!! It is pretty small too.
  15. RU Krazy

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    Each person can do as he or she wishes and use any item they desire, and it is good that everyone seems to realize the benefits that shelter will provide, since in adverse conditions one is only good for about 3 hours without it.

    But in a SHTF situation do you really want to be inclosed in a tent, unable to see any approching danger?

    Do you want to be zipped up and cinched down in a mummy bag? Espically one with a bivy hood?

    Being able to see out and get out quickly will be a priority.
  16. elguapo

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    Location Location Location.

    I am pretty sure people who have this mindset, already know not to "Camp" next to a road, or within sight of a approachable spot.
  17. Thinking instead of a tent I will just go with the tarp, tent stakes, and paracord. Already have the tarp and cord now just have to pick up some stakes. This should be more than enough for the Florida climate. Guess I will be practicing setting it up in the backyard this weekend.
  18. AndrewST

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    What about those small lightweight 1 and 2 man instant tents that you just throw and they unfold and are ready to go in like 30 seconds?
  19. elguapo

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    I would say the biggest thing (pun intended) is the size of it, and if the tent has those garish colors (Camoflage, anyone?) Other than that, if it fits those, go for it.