She's gonna be ok.

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  1. As you may know, my wife suffered a cerebral hemmorage a few days ago. She came through the surgery and is out of the drug induced coma, but is still pretty sick, and all.

    Yesterday, to stir her up, I told her "I swiped your Glock (19) from you, and I'm carrying it now." She opened one eye, and glared at me as only Misty can do, and said "And who told you, you could use MY Glock?" I said "I didn't ask anybody. I just took it from your purse and got the holster for it, and I'm carrying it." She cut me as dirty a look as I've ever seen, and said "You put my Glock back where it belongs. You've got your own guns." And she fell back asleep.

    :shock: :D :D

    She's gonna be ok.
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    Sorry to hear about that but glad she is doing well.


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    Yup sounds like she's puliing thru. Glad to here it. NOW sir you also take care of yourself! the reason I say this in times like this the spouse will sometimes forget they need to take it easy and forget to eat, take meds, and ect. Prayers ae still coming so relax now :wink: :D
  4. +1
  5. Glad to hear she's gonna be ok CB.

    Guess she put you in your place :D
  6. sounds like you weren't too close when you told her - she may have grabbed you around your neck, then who knows how ugly it coulda got.

    No - I didn't know you've been going through this. I've been too busy lately to stay as connected here as I like. I was shocked when I read your note above. Count me as another friend praying for her and you. Sometimes you have to get so close to something to see what you have; it's a true blessing you have time to treasure it longer. As Shooter said, take care of yourself so you can take care of her. If you don't, she may kick your butt!

    We're with ya, pal.
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    Dude, so great to hear she's doing better and coming through alright. Sounds like you better keep yer grubby mitts off her Glock though!

    You are in my thoughts man, here's to a quick recovery and a long life afterwards.
  8. Fantastic! Glad to hear shes doing so well, Hope y'all can go home soon. Our thoughts and prayer's for a speedy recovery are with you and your family!
  9. Awsome. She sounds like she's making progress at light speed. (just leave her glock alone)
  10. It does sound like she's in good spirits. Here's to a quick recovery.
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    The Power of Glock! Next tell her you painted the pistol Pink in her honor!
    But Really I hope she feels much better and both of you are in my prays.
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    very good to hear
  13. Thats great to hear, when she gets out of the hospital, take her out and buy her something nice and let her know how much she means to you.
  14. We are glad sh is doing better. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both of you .
    Spot & Angel
  15. She would kick my butt from here to Boogledoshia if I painted her Glock pink. Her's is OD green and she likes it that way. :lol:

    Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes my friends I've never met. I just talked to the ICU nurse, and she said she's doing even better today, and staying awake longer. :D
  16. if you want - snap a pic of her glock in your home, some place she'd recognize - send it to me. I'll PINK it, and send it back. Then you can share it with her and tell her what ever story you like! :cool:
  17. CB,

    Glad to hear the wife is doing better, hope she has a speedy recovery.
  18. Don't do that she might have a set back!

    seriously, the news gets better and better, stay strong my friend
  19. Wow, I'm glad she is recovering well enough to give dirty glares. Please keep us updated on how everything goes.
  20. Glad to hear she's doing better. Giver her our love...and yours. :D