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Discussion in 'Training' started by histed, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Like a lot of you, I carry anywhere its legal to do so. Also, like many here, I try to train for something I pray never happens. Most of that training concentrates on the "15 yards or less bad guy(s)" scenario - robbery, street punks and so on. However, in the wake of Paris and the seeming rise of suicide attacks, I started wondering if a shift in focus, or at least an additional focus, should be added. I know it simply isn't possible to anticipate every possible scenario that MIGHT happen, but are there things that could I could be doing more of? Longer range shooting, for example. This is, at this point, just a "thinking out loud" exercise. Unlike some of the most active members here, I have ZERO LEO or military experience. I've taken a couple of classes, shoot as often as possible, and try to stay alert when we're out. So....any suggestions?
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    I concentrate 15 yds and in, but will push the pistols out to 25 yds regularly, and shoot at 100 yds from time to time. Now I'm not expecting a 1 shot kill at that range, but being able to put down an effective base of fire to escape the opposite direction seems like an effective plan. Inside of 25 yds, I expect to hit my target, though I know in the face of emergency, misses are likely.

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    With most concealed pistols how much is there you really can do? Let's go with a kel tec p11 for our example and visual. About average size and a decent round count for a concealed pistol. Anything at significant range and the odds are against you. It certainly won't last very long trying to suppress the bad guy. I think the best thing in something like that is low profile. Trying not to draw any attention towards yourself until you feel like you have some kind of opening, whatever that may be. But that would be some ideal situation where they don't immediately open fire from the beginning. Knowing your surroundings, nearest exits, possible cover or concealment seems like the best bet. I'd hate to be in a gun fight against aks with only a small pistol and one or two mags tops! Maybe practice firing from unconventional / uncomfortable positions? Drawing the concealed weapon from prone?

    I don't know, it's late and I'm just rambling now...
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    Good forward thinking, 'Ted... :cool:
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    That was my thought. Until now I've been content with a .38 snubby and speed strip or a TCP and spare mag. Anything past 15 yards with the TCP is probably a waste of ammo. Short of the mall ninja mentality, I don't see a good solution.

    Tryin', Mole. Closer we get to election, more I worry
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    That's because, statistically speaking, it's among the least likely of unlikely firearms-related SD events. If it changes positions on the hierarchy then it won't seem "Mall Ninja" to prepare for it. Muggers are, simply stated, VASTLY more likely than an armed terrorist attack for CONUS citizens. Spend the most time and energy preparing for the most likely events. If, at some point in the future, armed terrorist attacks become more likely than a simple mugging, then people will CC or OC full sized service handguns and perhaps even full on rifles, similar to what is sometimes seen in modern Israel.

    She's not worried about muggers.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    'S what I'm concentrating on at this point, Kirk. You have a way of focusing on the heart of the matter and/or a different perspective. Thank you.
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    Grow a beard. Carry a a rag to put on your head. Make sure it is one that is able to cover your face except your eyes. Don't wear a crucifix around your neck. If you anticipate the scenario actually happening, carry a knife in your hand and scream, "ice-cream akbar," rather loudly (don't worry about the first part of the phrase).:rofl:
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    My concern exactly.
    After watching the documentary about the Kenya mall shootings ( highly recommended) with multiple shooters with AK's I decided to up my carry gun, both in caliber and capacity.
    I bought a Para 12-45 which is 12+1 of .45 acp.
    Plan was ( still is) carry two extra mags for a total of 37 rounds if we go to large public places such as malls and theaters.
    Still have to buy a good carry holster for the gun and order extra mags.
    Carry the .380 5+1 as a backup and as a gun for my wife with an extra mag.
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    Bad advice, it'd be over quick..
    It's "aloha snack bar!"
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    How's the para shooting?..... I don't recall.
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    I thought it was "Ralphies Snack Bar"?

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    My translation is in violation of forum rules.
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    NE Utah
    I'm not even worried about it...we have a long way to go before we get to the level of Paris, in terms of Islamic populations, or in terms of response to things.

    Meanwhile...THIS is what I worry about. We all knew that France was as close as you could get to being communists, and now this?

    "The Kremlin said Putin spoke to Hollande by telephone and had ordered the Russian navy to establish contact with a French naval force heading to the eastern Mediterranean, led by an aircraft carrier, and to treat them as allies.

    "We need to work out a plan with them of joint sea and air actions," Putin told military chiefs.

    "Maybe today this grand coalition with Russia is possible," French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told TF1 television channel on Tuesday evening."