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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Tolyn, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Since I can remember I have always wanted a semi-auto pistol, but could never quite justify the cost of one to my significant other or even myself for that matter. Recently, a fellow from work favorably mentioned Hi-Points in passing, especially the accuracy, warranty and price. In searching around, I found his information certainly seemed right on the nose. Reviews generally ranged from terrible for those who had never owned one, to glowing for those that had. I take this as a good sign and call the local gunshop who happens to have a brand new c9 Comp sitting right there. Having no significant other to discuss the matter with anymore, I immediately declare it as mine. This greatly confuses the person on the phone.

    At lunch I race across town, at speeds that somehow don't attract the attention of the local law enforcement. The woman behind the counter hands me the C9 sitting smugly in the display with it's far more expensive kin. I move off to the side to look as I am somewhat uncomfortable looking down the monstrous barrel of the .50 rifle sitting out on the counter. What would someone hunt with one of these anyway? Something really menacing I bet, like a Buick or maybe an LTD. The woman gives me a strange look as I smile at the thought of blowing giant holes through my old Ford LTD. Hated that car..

    I had never held a semi-auto pistol before but it fit decently in my hand and was not overly weighty. I release the clip and examine it, trying to look like I know exactly what I'm doing. "Yep! I'll take it." I fill out the security form and wander around the store waiting to see if the Federal Government is going to hold the fact that I can't seem to ever pay my taxes on time against me. Within a few minutes she is putting the gun into the box on the counter and filling out a sales slip. "Um.. I need one of those.. uh.. things to put it in.." Excitement and nerves have wiped away all traces of intelligent thought. "A holster?" she asks. "Yes m'aam, one of those please." What can I say, I was raised Southern. "..and a box of range ammo as well please." She tries a few holsters and finds one that fits it and puts that, with the box and a box of Magtech ammunition in as well. I try to wipe the silly smile off my face as I write a $150'ish check.

    Out in the car, and finally on my own and unintimidated, I pull the heavy slide back a few times. It is more difficult to move than I imagined it would be, but I had read about the design of them and knew there was a reason for this. I drive back to work and don't get anything done. There is only one thing on my mind now, so I sneak out and head straight to the public range..with no targets..or ear protection. I tear off some pieces of paper and stuff them in my ears hoping they will do. There are two others here today. One with an AR type carbine, and another a few stalls down apparently sighting in a medium sized cannon.

    I manage to find a piece of cardboard with less than a dozen holes, put it downrange on the 25 yard pole and load up my first clip and let a few rounds fly. The recoil is far less than I expected. I finish off the clip, and go through another two, smiling the entire time as I start loading the fourth. "What? oh.. um ..yea go ahead.." The ringing in my ears has subsided to the point where I am able to discern things in the human vocal range again. I set the clip down and go check mine as well.

    The cardboard clearly has a lot more holes in it than it did before. I claim this is my doing since there is nobody else around to dispute it and collect my things, deciding that it's time to leave while I still have some prayer of my hearing my son when he comes home from school. Oh yes... I'll be back.. this time with targets.. and ear plugs.
  2. Nice you will love your C9 welcome to the C9 club and the site 8) and yes next time you go to the range definably bring eye protection and ear protection next time you go to the range. Have fun and be safe

    oh yeah primal or newskate *cough Ermey cough*

  3. Congrats on the buy, welcome to the Hi Point family and I hope you continue to have a pleasant experience with your new pistol :)
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    Congradulations on the c9. that gun rocks. As for ear protection save yourself some cash and just buy a pair of earmuffs for $10 at walmart or a sporting good store.

    those are the ones I have and they are $11 at Sportsmans and $7 at walmart. work a lot better than the stupid plugs and after 20 trips to the range they start to make up in price as well.
  5. dont end up like me, I spent a total of 14 years in the army and national guard in Tanks and combat engineers, and now my first word of every sentence is "HUH?" drives the wife nuts.

    Like Kelotravolski said, you can get a cheap set of muffs at wally world for 10 bucks or less and they do help.
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    I know what you mean! I worked at a tire store and my favorite line to say when I could not hear what he said was; "HUH?!?! WHAT?! I CANNOT HEAR YOU!! I'M DEAF; I WORK AT A TIRE STORE!!!" lol good times.
  7. LOL I do know the feeling! Like you said, "Ah, the good times...." :)
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    Welcome to the club. The only question is, how long until you get gun #2? Sounds like you've been bitten by the bug.
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    That is some funny stuff there, you’re a good writer. Welcome to the club and may you get years of enjoyment out of your Hi-Point. By the way don’t bother buying targets you can print them off the net for free at
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    Great story! I felt like I was back at my first time in the gun shop.
    Like the others said ear protection is a must
    Eye protection is also a good idea.
  11. Tolyn,

    Welcome to the HPFF and congrats on the C9. Spend a bit of time searching the Pistol Forum and you will finds lots of info on the C9. Some require a slight break-in period while others jump out of the box without ever missing a beat.

    The HPFF is a great place to spend your time on the internet shootin the breeze with fellow HiPoint owners. Great group of folks we have here and you will enjoy it.

  12. Welcome Tolyn!

    That was a great story and was a joy to read! Congrats on the new C9 and hope you enjoy your time on the forum.
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    mags not clips.... :wink:

    welcome aboard.
  14. Congrats on the Hipoint. +1000 on the earmuffs and shooting glasses

    I'm guessing it's Newskates turn? :roll:
  15. Well since Primal and Newskate are forgetting their duties I will do it for them
  16. Fantastic write up...very entertaining :D and congrats on the new aquisition...which won't be your last...shoot safe and good luck.
  17. Congrats on the c-9. It's an excellent weapon.
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    run a bunch of ammo through that gun and you'll be in love. cheap.. reliable.. lifetime warrenty.. hellz yeah!

    course nicer guns are .. nicer.. but its all good.

    yeah, i definitely recc. some good ear prot. the muffs that i got are the Winchester SXTs at wal-mart.. were only like $12. i bought two pair.. for when i bring a friend.
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    Tolyn: Congrats on the C9 and great story!! I'm a JHP45 owner and soon to be C9 owner.....seems like once you have one you have the fever to buy another!
    Take care all...................JohnnyD