Shipping a handgun in for warranty work

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by tim, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. tim

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    Who on here has shipped a handgun for warranty repair, who did you use ? And it doesn't necessary have to be to Hi Point. Just sent a pistol back to Walther, I had to pay shipping, went through FedEx & was told it had to be sent overnight. & the charge was. $79. I work on my own guns , but this one will need a slide, so I'm sure it would have cost more than the shipping charge or I would have just said screw the warranty. & fix it myself .
  2. Johnny_B_Goode

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    I would call walther to see if you can buy a label from them. It won't be cheap but it won't be $79 either. Once you pay walther they should send your label via email. You just print it out and tape it on your box. If your gun is less than 90 days old walther should pay for shipping anyway.

  3. Frankie_s

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    I've sent a jcp40 back to mom went threw usps flat rate box told them it was machine parts. $20 I think with insurance .
  4. bluharley

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    Good deal! If you don't mind BREAKING THE LAW! I'm surprised MOM accepted it.
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    Citizens can't ship handguns through the USPS. FFL's can. I let my FFL ship it back for $10. He pays $8.95 in a flat rate bubble wrap envelope.
    Frankie_s if you had been caught;
    You would have been charged, maybe a felony
    You would have lost your gun
    Ignorance is NO defense in the eyes of the law
    A citizen can ship a Long Gun through the USPS to the manufacturer for repairs.
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    How did MOM ship it back?
  7. Frankie_s

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    At the time I work at a firearms shop so it was ok. We did it all the time we put machine parts to detour package theft .