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I posted this in Maaso's thread and thought it might be a good addition here as well. These stores are in the Florence/Sheffield/Muscle Shoals area.

Larry's Jewelry and Pawn - there's one nice guy in there, but Larry and his wife act like they are extremely offended if you offer a lower price than their high prices
Gun Runner - the woman that works there is pretty nice, the guy is a huge douchebag, their prices are generally high to insane
Guns n' Such - this guy is basically just a huge a hole unless you have a pretty girl with you, prices are decent to moderately high in general
Alabama Super Pawn - huge douches, rapefest prices
Pawn Max - nice people, generally their prices are right on target except some ammo
B&B pawn - no bargaining with this guy and limited selection, but he's nice enough
A Plus pawn - douche that sold me the broke mauser, high prices
Action Gun and Pawn - decent to moderately high prices, friendly store owner
Shoals Outdoor Sports - moderately high to high prices, workers are generally nice enough, but some of them will ignore you because they are lazy bums
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