Shoe Goo

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  1. Has anyone tried this ? I used some on a pair of hikeing boots that the sole came part of the way off , and it worked real good. I think that it would make a good addition to someone survival supplies.
  2. Good thought Spot. I've used it on shoes before and it did work pretty well. I think it would be a good addition to my survival supplies! Never know what it will be useful for!

    Thanks! 8)

  3. RU Krazy

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    Shoe-goo and hot glue are standard supplies for long distance runners. Sometimes used for complete resole jobs.
  4. urotu

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    Shoe Goo is a great product, last for years. I Goo'ed a sole back on a few years back and it lasted with normal use about two years. Not as long as I had thought, but still good and solid.
  5. True Story: When I was in college I used to buy shoe goo and put it on the sole of my new shoes. It would last for months as I walked many miles each day in between classes. The upper of the shoe would always wear out before the sole. The stuff is awesome.