Shoot test: does race affect your threat level detection?

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  1. The University of Chicago produced this test, to see if the race of an individual would have any effect on whether we see them as a threat depending on their race.

    You will be shown pictures of individuals either armed or holding a harmless object and you will have to decide in a split second whether to shoot or not.

    Pressing / = shoot
    Pressing z = no shoot/holster...

    Here is the link to the test...

    Be patient, it takes about a minute and half to load.
    Tell us how you did.


    Your Score: 650
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:606.36ms
    Black Unarmed:718.48ms
    White Armed:628.64ms
    White Unarmed:705.36ms

    Not convinced this is an accurate representation of the affect of race, but it does seem to show just how hard threat detection is. Dang phones look like guns sometimes...
  2. Game Over
    Your Score: 570
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:726.16ms
    Black Unarmed:830.48ms
    White Armed:723.2ms
    White Unarmed:788ms

    I killed a few I shouldn't have. Agree the test is a bit funny - I was looking at hands holding something - I couldn't tell if they were black or white unless if was something unconscious.

  3. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Unfair! I hate cell phone use in public! It's a good shot!
    I didn't go through it all, I kept getting shot because the folks are in common shooting stances or hollywood-ized brandishing positions, and I couldn't tell quick enough... and i hate white people.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I just hate them ALL!!!! :wink: :lol:
  5. Game Over
    Your Score: 430
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:738.16ms
    Black Unarmed:896.6ms
    White Armed:840.68ms
    White Unarmed:816.44ms

    I found on most them their race didnt register in my mind until the decision to shoot or no shoot was decided, I was too busy looking at the objects in the hand.

    I kept loosing points for taking too long to act.
  6. hero_saku39

    hero_saku39 Guest

    Game Over
    Your Score: 660
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:631.64ms
    Black Unarmed:819.96ms
    White Armed:686.44ms
    White Unarmed:701.56ms

    bogus test.....background color and object position has more to do with reaction time than race......i was focused on the "objects" trying to get a good score and never once noticed if I was shooting a race or color...

    btw...... "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

    [Chris Tucker] WTF! [/Chris Tucker]
  7. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    Game Over
    Your Score: 500
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:656.56ms
    Black Unarmed:865.32ms
    White Armed:946.8ms
    White Unarmed:765.32ms
  8. sevendreamz

    sevendreamz Guest

    Game Over
    Your Score: 635
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:647.12ms
    Black Unarmed:703.64ms
    White Armed:634.12ms
    White Unarmed:694.36ms

    I didnt shoot anyone who was innocent...but I got shot twice by the bad guys...LOL...guess IM DEAD.....
  9. AnArmyofRon

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    I got shot early in the event. Nope color didn't matter, but come on, how many people hold their cell phones at the ready? I was pretty upset at myself for holstering my weapon on a guy with a gun. Split second to decide if you die or go to prison for an illegal shooting. That is seriously the issue in so many shootings.

    Game Over
    Your Score: 685
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:679.2ms
    Black Unarmed:770ms
    White Armed:720.4ms
    White Unarmed:766.92ms
  10. deaconwagers

    deaconwagers Guest

    Game Over
    Your Score: 635
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:621.92ms
    Black Unarmed:703.48ms
    White Armed:660.12ms
    White Unarmed:694.76ms
  11. Meh, I didn't do too bad.

    Game Over
    Your Score: 575
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:576.6ms
    Black Unarmed:682.48ms
    White Armed:549.2ms
    White Unarmed:656.16ms
  12. deaconwagers

    deaconwagers Guest

    nice reaction times, primal.
  13. Silicon Wolverine

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    I found it more that slightly biased. The white guys were holding guns in aggressive postures (most of the time) while the blacks (most of the time) werent. pointless but a neat test of your choice making skills.

  14. I didn't do too bad. I had a slow start & I did shoot 1 good guy with a silver cell phone with an antennae held at the ready.

    You guys are right about 1 thing. You really are concentrating on what is in their hand more than anything else.

    Game Over
    Your Score: 625
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:697.4ms
    Black Unarmed:889.72ms
    White Armed:770.12ms
    White Unarmed:755.92ms
  15. Thats one thing I don't envy cops for, they have to make these decisions and if they are wrong they may be dead or shoot someone by accident and catch all sorts of hell.

    Damed if you do, damed if you don't kind of deal.
  16. I didn't take the test, but to answer the question in the post title: No, because we are, all of us, black, white, yellow, blue, red, green, pink, etc., part of the human race.
  17. Game Over
    Your Score: 640
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:637.84ms
    Black Unarmed:741.28ms
    White Armed:635.04ms
    White Unarmed:697.12ms

    all I saw were guns not race
  18. Game Over
    Your Score: 580
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:684.04ms
    Black Unarmed:803.64ms
    White Armed:691.8ms
    White Unarmed:798.72ms

    Looking at hands only.
  19. p7196

    p7196 Guest

    After being a police officer at one point in life,I was sure I would be jaded toward the for lack of a better word the black males. My times turned out almost equal for both. No it is not pounded into you in academy that blacks are more prone to commit a crime. Our surroundings do that enough for many of us. When I was an officer I can't ever remember a time when I suspected any color over another. Even when working a crime in the projects I never did just suspect whatever race was in the projects. Many times drive by shootings were done white on black or vice versa. Many times an officer has had to eat his words by making a stupid statement about it was a crime purported by the wrong race.

    Game Over
    Your Score: 685
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:606.36ms
    Black Unarmed:529.16ms
    White Armed:605.04ms
    White Unarmed:528.12ms
  20. The race factor did register to the effect that I could tell what the color of the skin on the hand holding the item was. But race did not determine what my choice was. Hell I shot the armed white guys faster. BTW, I shot two good guys and got shot once.
    Your Score: 590
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:708.72ms
    Black Unarmed:842.16ms
    White Armed:691.2ms
    White Unarmed:778.52ms
    :( :roll: :oops: