Shooters Arms????

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    I honestly do not know anything about these except they sell around $400.00. I personally would buy the Taurus pt1911 (lifetime warranty) for the extra $100.00. Or I would go with the Rock Island. A 1911 is like a small block chevy you will always be able to get parts and mods.

  2. Ari

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    Springfield or RIA
  3. +1 at what Ari said... Springfield Armory or RIA
  4. thanks for the advice guys
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    I've been curious about these too, but haven't found much information.
    IIRC, they're made in the Phillipines, but that doesn't make 'em RIAs.
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    taurus or the RIA are probably the best options
  7. Looks alot like a norinco to me. Plenty of other's other there that make 1911's around the same price like RIA and Taurus.
  8. According to what I've seen (saw them at J&G in December) they're not much different than RIA/Armscor and also made in the Philippines. I know RIA/Armscor is a good pistol/value. For pretty much the same price (only about $10 cheaper when I saw them) I'd stick with Armscor/RIA until I hear more about Shooters Arms.
  9. Rock Island Armory- Tactical 1911 $389.99 at Sarco inc.All business!!
    [​IMG] :D
  10. The word I've gotten is that they're made by one of Armscor's competitors in the Philippines. Beyond that don't know much about them.
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    Just got mine today!
    Here it is right out of the box, not even wiped down.
    Feels and looks smooth and sweet!
  12. Showing the same gun in 2 threads is just bragging unclerob!!!!! :D

    Pretty sweet looking 1911, good for you buddy!
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    you cant go wrong with a 1911 there are some I like more then others but I have never fired one that didn't go bang every time I pulled the trigger. (except if it has the standard internal extractor, they do not like steel cased ammo)
  14. My RIA likes Wolf .45 just fine. 500+ rounds of it and all went bang.
  15. Occured to me that the original M1911's and M1911A1's didn't have a problem with steel cased ammo either as that's pretty much all we made our .45 casings out of during WWII.