Shooting a new C9

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    Finally will get the chance to shoot my new C9 tommorrow. Handguns are new to me unlike rifles and shotguns that I use for deer meat. Is there anything that I need to do or know before I shoot my C9 for the first time. I briefly read through the forums and see all sorts of things from no problems at all to jams. If I can prevent any failure's through someone else's knowledge then by all means please elaborate. Thanks !!! :D
  2. 1. Load 1 less round than the mag holds (7 in an 8 and 9 in a 10).
    2. Maintain a firm grip to eliminate limp-wrist problems.
    3. Observe range safety.
    4. After shooting, load your mag to capacity and store it that way for a couple of weeks.

    and never forget...

    5. Buy another Hi-Point.
    6. Post on forum.
    7. Buy another Hi-Point.
    8. Buy another Hi-Point.

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    Thanks sbroomheadsr, i'm pretty darn excited about the whole thing. Been thinking about buying a .380 already and haven't even shot the 9mm yet. :lol: The .380 will roll in the truck with me.

  4. You'll find instructions here:

    You may catch some flak about the CF380 but not from me. The ammo costs more but it, too, is fun to shoot. I bought it primarily for my wife to use for HD (home defense). If you page thru the Pistol threads you will find a post I made with photos of my CF380 with a laser. Makes it very fun to shoot.
  5. I love hi-point pics!!!! I have been thinking about picking up the 9mm because it is so much smaller than my JCP40. Let us know how the shoot goes!!!
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    Gofish I would give you hell for having a girly :roll: gun with the .380 ,but hey it is a Hi-point [​IMG] and the ammo is a bit more expensive. :shock: Still you have a weapon that will provide you with many hours of fun shooting and protect the family just the same.
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    LOL p7196 !! The .380 would fit better in places like my glovebox/tacklebox. I go fishing everyweek by myself and just want something small to carry with me. There's crazy people everywhere these days. A gun is better than no gun. 8)

    Rob, it doesn't look good for shooting today. The weather is pretty raw here in SC , looks like I'll have to wait but I'll let you guys know how it goes when I do make it.
  8. hey gofish, the 380 is the same size as the 9mm. it isnt smaller, it just has a different chamber on the barrel. now I dont want to scare you off from buying one, but if the size is the issue then that isnt really going to help. get anyother 9mm and you only have one ammo to buy.
    dont get me wrong, I have a 380, a 9mm, a 40 and a 45, and love them all. but the 380 is for my daughter to shoot, she thinks the 9mm kicks too much (she is a girl). but she loves to shoot my Mosin Nagant, go figure.
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    Big Jim T , thanks for the info. Being that I haven't personally held or seen the .380 in person, i just figured it would be a tad smaller.