Shooting/camping cart?

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  1. So I picked this thing up for free... now which direction should I go? Its a BabyJogger Performance Double stroller with fixed front wheel
    What its supposed to look like new/good condition;
    What I have after taking it apart. The fabric, straps, padding are all shot. The frame, wheels, brake are all in decent usable shape. 20201025_142032.jpg 20201025_142043.jpg 20201025_142054.jpg 20201025_142353.jpg
    20201025_142147.jpg 20201025_142152.jpg

    Heres some ideas I could try?
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    Since its a double wide stroller, I'm thinking a double gun mount set on the center bar, and two single gun mounts, one on each side.. I see that MTM Casegard have a couple trays for metal ammo cans that have tiedown slots.. one for 30 cal size that holds 4, and the other for 50cal size which holds 3 cans.. I figure if I can weave good sturdy webbing straps through the slots and attach to frame at most points, maybe utilize original snaps on the frame for fixing the straps to.. it might work? Basically a cargo net holding two trays of metal cans
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  2. In case anyone says make a new woodland camo fabric seat set for my little one... between my parents and I, we have 2 regular toddler size strollers, a little folding "umbrella" style stroller, and a car seat stroller frame already. It might still be a possibility of a combo single seat stroller with backpack mount, but I don't think thats a realistic idea when I have 3 relatively normal strollers :rolleyes: lol

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    You could use it as a jogging stroller so that body armor fits a little better. :stir:
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    That was my first idea lol
    That was my second thought lol
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    Needs some jumbo wide tires to go across loose ground.

    The range I go to has steps down into the area where the benches are, maybe fit some short skis on it!
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  6. Dr told me to avoid running or jogging, but cycling and walking are fine; and swimming best, so as not to need new knees by 45-50.

    Eh. Again, we have 4 total regular strollers plus this.
    Side wheels might be able to fit wider tires, not wider rims though edit. Unless I replace rims and lace to original hubs as the hubs aren't same as bicycle hubs. Front wheel, only limit is the width of the fork. I'll have to see what size they are presently, I know the front is a Maxxis tire and the 3 wheels are BMX sized at 20 inches.
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    This thing was free.
    McGyver it without spending any money.
    If you had a need for it you’d know already.
    Just use the junk parts you’ve saved around the house.
    Every guy has got a pile of save for later left over parts.
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    2 sets of golf clubs! gets your walking in, keeps the dr. happy!
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    I'd do the first idea. That last one leaves you with your rifles pointed right at you.
  10. Thats why I grabbed it, I have use for it. I have lots of Cordura and webbing that I could use to make cargo baskets/cargo bags... or nets to hold ammo cans in trays..

    I dislike golf. Lol. Rather be sauntering and shooting :D

    Yeah thats what I noticed, although many smaller homebuilt wood carts have similar idea of putting guns butts down and muzzles up. Eh. The idea was basically the number of guns but not pointing at my face.

    The MTM Case Gard trays are cheap. If I stick to just two guns, thats only about $35-40 ish for the Allen version of clamps. If I do 4 guns, that adds maybe another 30 bucks and I sew up pockets with pad for muzzles on the outboard guns while the center two guns are supported by 4 hooks essentially.
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    Only if you don't get in the riding cart. A buddy of mine I played golf with used to work for FAA, had 3 phones he carried with him all the time. It took him 1/2 hour to get all his junk out of the cart at the end of the round!
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    Shooting, hunting, camping, fishing, mushrooming cart. You should be able to make a carry all deck and then special brackets for rifle, rods, etc. I generally never have to walk very far to shoot. It's fishing I have to walk half a mile through the briars and poison ivy to get where the Bass hide and others have failed to tread.
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    Air ye competing with gunkid's wheelbarrow idea?

    Just asking.

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  14. Nah. There are so many people converting usually single wide strollers into gun carts, specifically for 3-gun competitions. Its such a big thing that a company is making specific carts for this specific market :rolleyes:
  15. Examples of such carts. Actually I think pic 1 and 3 are the exact same group of carts at the exact same range :rolleyes:
    9a5f9f7f725966aa9a9d9addbef7f697.jpg 2a1336fffee7df53887e1e0938e543f8.jpg b79576fcad50917eb8aeb22e545dc478.jpg