Shooting glove?

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    Hello all. I am having an issue with my JCP .40 beating the bejeebers out of the first knuckle of my shooting hand thumb. I have looked for a suitable glove and the nicest as far as padding goes is a catchers mitt liner glove. I can't believe that I've become such a wuss in the last 9 years but anything is possible. :wink: Any suggestions as far as hand protection?
  2. It sounds like you are using too much thumb. Check out this link for some pointers.

    Hope this helps some. I have ran quite a few rounds through my JCP 40 and have experienced no problems what so ever. I am only 5'7" and only weight about 160lbs. I always use the push and pull method because of the great control and natural feel. Welcome to the site!!

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    Sounds like hand placement to me, too. Sounds like your thumb is touching the slide. If you just move your thumb you'll be okay.
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    Back in AZ last summer when I was doing a job there, I picked up a pair of fingerless gloves at Sports Authority for like $5 and I use them when I shoot...

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    +1 on the fingerless "shooting" gloves.
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    If this is any kind of defensive or carry pistol I wouldn't recommend a shooting glove unless you plan on wearing one all the time. Don't practice with a different setup then you would realistically use in an emergency.

    If this is just a target pistol then Id recommend some kind of leather like a batting glove. At some large tool / farm / equipment stores you can get also get thin leather work gloves for pretty cheap.
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    I do recommend, if you buy gloves that are full finger, cutting the fingers down to the second knuckle. It becomes more comfortable and leaves you with incredible control of the weapon.
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    A JCP .40 as a carry weapon :shock: No, just for target plinking. I have to admit it is a bit wider than a 1911. The rear shoulder of the grip rides the edge of the knuckle just enough to be a pain. I would look for a compact .40 or .45 for carry if that was a route I'd take. Thanks for sharing your glove ideas. I had at one point a nice pair of weight lifting gloves. Leather. Victims of a damp basement. :(
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    I use a glove made by Dewalt. I think it is a demolition glove. I got it at the hardware store. It has the tips of the fingers out(nice for loading bullets in clips) and a little padding in the palm.
    I have always been tempted to get a pair of bicycling gloves. I think they are gel filled in the palm, and the fingers are usually out too. but they are a little too pricey
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    i used to use horsehide gloves with the fingertips cut off when i shot pistol sports years ago. Horsehide is thinner and more dextrous than most of the gloves around.

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    I have a pair of Fox MX gloves that I use all the time in the shop. They make great mechanics gloves, not padded really but they fit nice and still have good finger use with full fingers. Might be worth a try...