Shooting like we did in combat

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  1. rmuniz9336

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    My son, my son-in-Law and I like to go shooting at this public range miles from anywhere, and we went out a few days ago, and the place was totally empty (almost never happens)

    I set up three targets at different distances ranging from 15 yards, all the way to 75 and then spent the better part of half an hour with my Hi Point carbine going from one to the other (two shots, acquire an other target, two shots, and then the third, and back and forth).

    An immense amount of fun. Found that kind of shooting is somethig the carbine excels in. Iron sights work great for it, as does a red dot. With the exception of the 75 yard target, msot of the hits were within the O ring. The 75 meter were a little more scattered, but would have definitly ruined someones day.

    Anyone else occasionally do that kind of shooting?

    Any one else occasionally do that?
  2. tallbump

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    I would love to do something like that.

    Don't really have a place around here to do it.

  3. moona11

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    We do it at work a lot. On the weekends we go to the public range and you can do it before people show up.
  4. Hipointer

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    If I have an open range like you did? Yes I do. I don't have one of the carbines though...need to remedy that too.
  5. PapaMAS

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    Haven't done that yet, but that is a good idea.
  6. planosteve

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    I made 4 target stands for my trip to the farm and will set them up at different ranges and practice. The public ranges around here will not let you do realistic training.