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  1. Well here it finally is. The Shooting Sports Hawaii TV episode featuring the Hi-Point JHP. We show all the upgrades we did on our Budget Pistol upgrade.

    Mahalo to Mahan Sights, Joey's Keychain and Bright Sights.

  2. Good show, I'm going to get the Mahan sights for my C9 and JHP.

  3. Rachgier

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    Wow. About time though, I was beginning to think you fell in to a volcano....
  4. SteveC

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    Appreciate the post. The time they spent on the Hi-Point was kind of interesting, but it would have been nice to know what they thought it would cost to do what they did to it, especially for folks who can't do it themselves. (I admit I skipped through some of the program, so my apologies if I missed that.) The part about Masaki was also cool. Still, it seemed like a pretty awful program overall. Way too much fluff and repetition.
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Kinda funny...ran the gun, but no report on how good it did, or the typical group size test, opinions from users, etc.:confused:
  6. I'd really like to see what you can do. Much less get a contract with a broadcast station and sponsor support. Opinions are like Bung Holes, some are just BIGGER than others. Those who can do the least are always the biggest critics.

    Haters Going to H8. By the way Its a balmy 70 degrees in Hawaii, Sunny Skies, this is my J-O-B, I get to play with some of the most exclusive firearms on the planet, machinist that can make my every modification I can dream of and I get PAID to DO THIS.

    Aloha :)
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  7. Bull

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    Gee, some people use criticism to make improvements to their presentation.... Congrats on having money to live in a tropical paradise, and having your dream job..... But it's not like that makes your opinion sooooo much more valid than anyone else's.....

    P.S. Was a balmy 62 degrees with sunny skies in Missouri, and we didn't have to throw any virgins into the volcano to please Pele.....
  8. Rachgier

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    They were promising this 2-3 year's ago when I first joined this place. I believe he stormed off in a huff due to a dissenting opinion back then too.

    My only major issue with the video, aside from the feel of being made for a public access channel, was the fact that you actually posted a video with almost 30 seconds of that dead air beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Come on. Really?
  9. SteveC

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    Aw, seems I hurt your widdle feewings. Haters gonna hate? Are you in middle school, by some chance? You may live in a nice place and have a cool job, but the show is still cheesy. And your response is still childish.
  10. moona11

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    Was going to watch it but after the whining I'll pass.
  11. cicpup

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    Well.. And a happy "Ninny Ninny Boo Boo" to you too, Sir.
  12. come on guys, he gets paid to do it. That makes him a professional, and professionals are never ever wrong.
  13. Bamaboy

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    Its amazing anyone has a gun there let alone does videos.
    Sure is a lot of BS to go though just to get a permit and then get turned down for a purchase.
  14. SteveC

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    Too bad we can't hook him up with the crazy lady who got all worked up and blasted everybody with her caps-lock on about "Treason to Hi-Points" because some folks here owned other guns. Seem like kindred spirits.
  15. Bamaboy

    Bamaboy Member

    Treason is what Obama does with ISIS daily , owning an HP and a Glocks or a Rutger is the American freedom of choice in an open market.
    brainless brand loyalties is the hobgoblin of democrats.
  16. Think1st

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    Well that was actually a neat program to watch. I was stationed at Schofield some years back, and I was a member of the Mid-Pacific Pistol League. Keith Kawamoto and most of the other guys they showed at the matches were all there back when I used to shoot there. They were a great bunch of guys, and the matches were a blast.

    I also stood right there in Ed Masaki's workshop, where they showed him working in the video. I was having problems with my 1911, associated with the hammer not staying cocked after the slide cycled from shot to shot. When I asked where I could take it to get it fixed, everyone told me to take it to Ed Masaki. He not only fixed the hammer and sear, but he lowered and flared my ejection port and replaced the stock GI-style sights with larger combat sights. He has his shop set up right inside the garage at his house. Back when I went to take my pistol there, he had this dog named Leilani who had to have her ears scratched before you could get back into his shop to take him your pistol.

    As far as HPD goes, though, it was a pain to register my firearms when they arrived on the island in my household goods shipment. They wouldn't just allow people to go take a list of makes and serial numbers to the police station. We actually had to physically take them there. I only had eight guns, back then, and that was a big enough pain to haul around. I wouldn't want to have to repeat the process with my current inventory.

    Anyhow, the only thing that I can say is that the video was a neat trip down memory lane. People can pan it all they want, but I certainly enjoyed it.
  17. undeRGRound

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    The repetition was the commercials...

    But parts I agree with was they should have listed some prices, but we know most of that. I'd like to know the mag costs, it looked pretty [email protected]$$! Overall, I liked it, but my hunger for more details is not quite satisfied :D

    Most all the mods were DIY for HPFFer's anyway!