Shooting the breeze #6

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by BlackBart, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Hikok45 is a great guy.His newest YouTube video is awesome and he don't beat around the bush about Hi Points.
    Nobody in their right mind wants to just jump in and spend a lot of money on a expensive firearm. Just to shoot it a few times,then to leave it sit around,unused.The HP carbine got me back into firearms again.A great rifle.Had to get the JHP to go with,naturally.
    But Hickok is right.May as well save up for a better firearm next time.As my interest in guns grows more,so will the better quality.But Hi Points have their place.I love my HP's and always will.I don't care how cheap they are.
  2. Dagwood

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    I agree, love the carbines. I got into shooting about 2 yrs ago. Simce them I have bought and traded and sold about 50 firearms. But, I still have my 4595ts and although I sold my 995ts I bought a 995 classic to replace it.
    750.00 is the most I have spent on any one gun, usually I stay around the 2-400 dollar range. HP just fits right in with my collecting budget.
    I would rather have 20 firearms that I didn't spend that much on than 4 firearms that I spent way too much on.

  3. MaryB

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    My favorite range pistol is my C9. My PK380 has a sharp recoil that beats up my wrist. Friends 1911 also beats up my wrists(carpal tunnel on both sides...). Shoot what you like the best and don't worry about the gun snobs!
  4. rmuniz9336

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    My carbine is the one Me and my friends just love shooting. My son and I were out at the public range a few months ago and we encountered a couple of guys who frankly looked like they were extras from Sons of Anarchy. They ended up shooting my 9mm Carbine and were astonished that the trigger pull was as smooth as it was, and that it was accurate all the way out to 100 meter target (the back stop was just beyond that so we couldn't shoot any further). I've got nothing but raves for it.