Shooting videos? Target HD camcorder for only $140!!!

Discussion in 'Consumer Reviews' started by neothespian, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Anyone who shoots can attest that you just need to have a camcorder around. Usually it's to either show off your mad skills or to laugh at the poor schmuck who botched up. I have found that expensive camcorders and highpowered firearms are a bad combo (That and I'm in the arts so I'm usually broke). I've been using a cheap Aiptek IS-DV camera that's no better than VHS with a crappy 640x480 resolution, AA-batteries, and pretty much lousy video ability. Pics are good, but the rest is crap.

    But, was at Target the other day and got to play with their newest camcorder and guess what: It shoots in HD!! This means 720p...not crappy s-vhs stuff. It's got a rechargable Lithium battery, swivel screen, good ergonomics, and it's only $140! camcorder&page=1


    Has SD memory, nightvision, stabilizer, and folds up to a nice slim size: Perfect fit into a tactical vest or shooting bag. This hopefully will be my next equipment purchase since it's the smallest and cheapest HD camera I've seen.

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    Cool toy, I might have to pick one of those up, let us know how it works out (review) once you use it a few times.
  3. Nice...... You guys have to stop with the good deal thing lol. Im saving here lol lol..

    Im never going to get that AR at this rate lol
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  6. Wow, thanks for posting - this fellow does a good job!
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    Only negative I see is the 3x optical zoom, I like to see something greater than that, but this thing is a nice litle package for the price, I need a good vid cam with a kid on the way lol.