Shooting with CG-49 Plankowner

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  1. Yep, met CG-49 and we *he, his wife and I* shot the hell out of some stuff at the range. Pistols, he had a Hi-Point .380, C9, and JHP 45, a Beretta M9, a RIA 1911 45ACP, a Walther P-22 and a bunch of other guns that we really didn't have time to shoot. Rifles, he had 2 Yugo 8mm Mausers, and a Saiga 7.62x39.

    All I had was my S&W Sigma 9VE... I was OUTCLASSED!!!!!!

    Anywho, we shot pistols, I did some failure drills, his wife was asking him what I was doing, and he said "He's trying to qualify as Rambo, he's in the Air Force." To which she was like..... "Oh!" I was thinking to myself, she should be impressed..... right?! LMAO!!! It really was a great time on the range...

    AND THEN!!!

    We go to the Silouette range, basically a bunch of steel targets set up at various intervals... Looking at them from the shooting benches, you would think that they were close range targets, the farthest target at maybe 300 yards.... HEH! The closest steel target was 220 yards, the farthest target was 500 meters, or 547 yards.... With CG's 8mm Mauser, I was dinging those 500 meter targets 5 out of 6 shots, consistently! I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THOSE GUNS!!!!!!! J&G SALES HERE I COME!!!!!!

    The thing that suprised the hell outta me, is that I had the elevation on that Yugo Mauser set at 300 yards and dead on iron sights at almost 600 yards I was dinging that target as if it wasn't an issue... That gun absolutely ROCKS!!!

    After the range trip, not only does he and his wife pay for my supper at A&W, but they invite me to their house so I can clean my Sigma, after that we sit there for about 3 hours talking about Military stuff, he being prior Navy and me being Active Duty Air Force, we have alot in common. We talked about survival stuff as well, and I got a tour of his 3 WELL STOCKED bug out bags, medical bag and other misc gear that I am totally jealous over. He ended up giving me about 400 rounds of .45ACP brass and 3 knives he's got in a package deal from eBay or somewhere, showed me a bunch of survival books that I am extremely jealous over, and just about pissed me off in every other way imaginable..... WOW! WHAT A GUY!!!!!!!!

    Dude, you Effin' ROCK!!!

    All I can say is that I don't deserve the honor you paid me, but I thank you all the same. You are a great person with a beautiful wife and family, and now you are one of my own. You have a place by my fire whenever you need it, just let me know. Thanks for a great day!

    For the pic Nazi's I don't have a digi camera and CG didn't have one either, so.... sorry boys, this one got past us... We'll do better next time.
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    Huh...wait till I am gone for sure and for certain THEN get to go shooting like that..huh....

    Sounds like an awesome time amigo!!!!!

  3. Dude, it wasn't anything personal and besides, you still haven't posted the videos of our range trip to the indoor range here in Vegas yet, so what are you complainin' about?
  4. Now THAT's an outing. Thanks for sharing with us!
  5. Wow, sounds like fun, wish I was there for that.
  6. Taurus, you'd have loved it! It was like you and me at La Luz plinking with our MN's but at LONG yardage!!! It was great dude, I wish you'd been there with us... I miss you dude, and I am praying for you in your time of loss...

    My prayer for you is this: God bless you and keep you, may He make His face to shine upon you, and give you Peace, forever.
  7. Thanks, I appriciate the kind words.
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    Sounds like you all had a great time! That's what shooting is about.
    Taurus? What is going on, checked your posts couldn't find anything
  9. My grandmother passed away yesterday. Didn't post it in open forum. Just too much BS goin on here and not something I felt the need to talk about in great detail.
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    Taurus - I am sorry to hear about your grandmother.
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    I think you made this all up Primal, no pics, CG49 plankowner hasn't posted on your thread, no pics, you don't have particular details, and NO PICS.

    EDIT:: FYI I also went shooting with someone, Gary Busey, and let me tell ya, I was outclassed. He had 1 of 2 in the world .45 Luger Carbine, a Ruger 10/22 modded to the hilt, and a we shot about 100 rounds of .700ne out of a highly customized 12ga... trust me the barrel was HUGE (Bench brace, we're not idiots) and he also has a 4595, he told me not to tell anyone, but i just had to tell you guys here on the forum, and yes, he had Bushman's charging handle on it! what else, what else... that's all i think, OH YEAH, he's got his own plane, and we flew out to Stillwater in OK where he grew up, and i got to ride shotgun, IN A PLANE. So na na na na boo boo. Pics would be coming soon, but Gary said you guys would just be jealous if i showed them to you.
  12. sorry to hijack the thread but, sorry for your loss Taurus.
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    I'm verry sorry for your loss.

    I will call your Bluff.
    Did he show you his "Dark-side,
    lower Companion Monkey?"
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    Taurus, I'm sorry to hear that. My grandmother passed away this past week as well. They're both in a better place. Who knows, maybe they're chatting it up right now! :)
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    He said his dark side, his shadow, and his lower companion was now in the back room blowing up balloons for kids' parties. No joke.
  16. Taurus, sorry about your loss.

    Primal, didn't mean to leave you hanging in the wind on your post. I was glad we were able to hook up and truely believe it would have been a missed opportunity for both of us. You are definitely "good people" in my book and also the one single thing I miss about the military. All the quality people I used to meet.

    My wife said you are one cool customer, but she's not ready to send me deer hunting just yet!! Remember the "Bambi" thing???

    Anyway, Primal's right, we definitely burned some gun powder and it was a beautiful day about 65 degrees and no wind. The silouette range turned out to be the best part. With no wind, we were able to hear the rounds hitting the steel targets. So, we're shooting the 8mm's and I'm watching Primal. He said he was shooting at the 300 yard target, so I stood behind him to get a better view. He fired the five rounds hitting four times and turned around and smiled. I said you're shooting at the ones in the back?? Yeah! That's when I informed him that the targets he just hit were at 547 yards!! The 300 yard ones are the closer ones to the left. All this with open sights!! His jaw dropped when he found out and followed that with "I got to get me one of these'!!

    Primal, it was an honor and a pleasure meeting you and to all the other forum members out there, if you get the chance to meet this guy, jump at the chance. You will always be welcome in my home and I'll look forward to another chance to get together even if we just chew the fat for a while. Also, tell your wife that she is a class act for the sacrifices she made for you to live your dream. Stay safe dude, I mean "Rambo". :wink: :D :D :D
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    I am working on that, amigo.
  18. I know dude, I was just giving you a hard time.

    CG-49, thanks for the kind words, and more so for the great time at the range. That was awesome, and yes, I gotta get one of those 8mm Mausers. Those things are just absolutely amazingly accurate.
  19. Hey Primal,

    Here's a message from the wife! :wink:

    I was pleased to meet you. Had a very good time. Hope to meet your other half one day. Thanks for the fireplace invitation and would like to return the favor. Like Motel 6, we'll always leave the light on for you!! :wink:

    I hope your collection of guns reaches the 6 million mark as my husbands already has. :roll: Just kidding! :oops:

    By the way, the website for the books is

    Hope to see you again and give the cat an extra pat on the head for us. :D
  20. Damn... So wish I had been able to go, u guys are makeing it worse amnd worse