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    How many guys on here have the pleasure of just stepping out there back door and shooting there guns. I am one of them. It is so nice to step out and shoot anytime I want to. When I get a new gun you can try it out now, or if your working on one and need to try it out. I have mine marked off 25 yds 50 yds & 100yds. So lets hear what you got or don't got. :)
  2. moona11

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    Live in town so no shooting. Range is 5 miles out of town :-(

  3. I dont have it as nice as you. My mouse is on the side of a mountain (at least what we in PA call mountains) So while i can and doo shoot my pistols and plinkers often. Maximum for me is 25Yards. I dont complain a lot of people have it worse :)

    A short drive to my dads house 10 miles away and i can shoot up to 100 Yards what ever i want.

    When looking for houses my wife threw options out because they were to small, not enough bathrooms, to far away. I threw them out if there was something behind it, or no shooting aloud :) we ended up with a pretty good compromise.
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    I live in a "Retirement Community", (AKA trailer park, manager gets mad when I call it what it is). I grew up in the country, and we had some property which bordered uninhabited other properties. How I ended up here, is depressing. About 3 miles to a an indoor range.
  5. lklawson

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    I can shoot my Daisy Air Rifle into the trap in my garage. Does that count?

    Oh, and I hate you. ;)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I am out in the country. Not only can I shoot in my yard, I have taken several squirrels and rabbits in my yard. I have also seen deer in my yard on several occasions.
  7. tjulian

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    I live in town too. MDC shooting range is about 30-40 minute drive. Its a nice range though. Includes pistol , rifle, shotgun, and archery.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    I regularly shoot in my front and back yard. Have shot loads of tannerite and lots of deer and turkeys. I have a great pistol range cleared out and marked 10-25 yards. I have about a 200 yard long drive way which I can park my car at the end to block off and get about 150 yards although normally I'll just go to the neighbors who has about 120 acres of horse field.

    I have a "residential" area of about 20 houses within 200 yards that has a POA and they do not allow any gun shooting. The closest neighbor lives there but loves coming down and making them cringe :D They're all 2nd homes for retirees and from what he says they're all teachers from NY or FL so they think guns are the worst thing ever....HA AHAHAHAHAH
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    Well, technically I'm not supposed to. But since we don't have a local police department and the State Police will only respond to a gun shot call if you also report a body, it happens sometimes. Although I much prefer sitting in my upstairs hallway shooting .22lr into a trap box.
  10. My neighbors and I also hunt behind our houses. I have only been here a year. So I haven't gotten anything yet. But the neighbors got a nice doe. And I did shoot at a pheasant to no avail.
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    I live on a family compound as (described by our county zoning board), in the township. Everybody on our private drive are relatives. We all built new homes @ the same time in 1998. My 16 acres adjoins by Dads 25 acres, (he inherited from my grandparents.) We have 2 shooting ranges, he has one & I have one also (in case I get too lazy) to walk down to his. We can shoot anytime we want, but usually shoot on Sunday afternoons after church. Sunset on Marylou Dr.

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    I thankfully live outside of town. Due to all the trees though, I can only get about a 50 yard straight shot in my back yard. There are people a few acres away, but there are trees between us, property on one side is uninhabited, and I have a dirt backstop. Needless to say I enjoy back yard shooting, and have explained to the neighbors in the distance that I shoot, and they're ok with it. I'm also ok with them doing the same (and they do so as well).

    I do still break out the airguns at time for shooting at night, or when I just don't feel like paying for ammo.
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    When I first retired to Missouri first thing I did was to put up a covered bench with dirt 100 yard berm. 2 years ago I put in a 50' bulls eye pistol range. 3 covered benches with 8X12' range house. the targets are mechanical turning controlled from the range house. Last year I got into .22 bench rest. I built a 3 lane covered line with concrete benches @ 50 yards. If I wanted I could go across the black top and on 160 acres shoot to 1000. The range is about `100 yards from my back door and 50 yards from my reloading/gun shop/wood working shop. Do I walk out .....NO NO, I have a lawn tractor without the deck and a cart, I RIDE TO WORK ...... LOL. The tractor is good for checking/changing targets also on the rifle ranges. My daughter and 3 grandkids live on the property and also my brother and mother I moved here from Tenn. We have family matches with friends and neighbors also. Deer, Turkey at home with FREE land owner tags, for the rest of the family also. Lots of squirrel and rabbit. Have to do critter control on coyotes, armadillo, and a few pesky stray cats/dogs. We leave the bobcats, coons, possums alone. A rule here is You shoot it, you clean and eat it. My youngest grandsons first kill was a chipmonk while squirrel hunting. He didnt like it very well ..... No problem with him since.
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    I HATE you LOL. Can't even shoot a pellet gun here. But I am going back to my buddy's this weekend in NY where he can and does shoot out his back door, sometimes literally. One time we were shooting the high powered airguns right out his side window :D Of course, it is NY, so we are limited on what we can shoot, but still.

    He's thinking about putting in an actual backyard range this summer, with measured distances laid out.
  15. FlashBang

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    I only shoot .22 on my back porch. I have a target set at 25 yards that I use for both rifle and pistols. I use suppressors so even right inside my back door you can't hear it. :)

  16. Rachgier

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    35 yard archery lane with 2D and 3D target areas in the garage. Pellet and bb guns don't go beyond the back corner of the house. Knives and hawks don't leave the garage. Everything else goes to the sportsmen's club which I was wrong about the annual cost of previously. It's $75\yr for the family pass with (un)limited guests passes. As many guests as you want per year with no mandatory buy in but limited to 1 guest per member 21 or older and up to two guests max at a time per family.
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    I live in the city, but I have about 25 yds in my backyards and I shoot with silencers.
  18. Irishfanatik

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    I have horse shoe pits in my backyard. That's the closest I can come to shooting. I tried to talk my wife into moving somewhere in the country but she likes living in the city. There is a nice indoor range less than 5 miles away. It's very reasonable in price so I'm lucky for that. It was pretty annoying this weekend when I was working on a trigger and had to drive there three times. That is when it would be nice to just walk outside to shoot.
  19. You know when its really nice to just walk outside and shoot?

    When ever you want :p

    I was born and raised in the city, after getting married spent 2 years in apartment buildings, then 2 in the sub urbs.
    I thought i was going to go insane listening to my neighbors chat outside, knowing they were listening to me talk outside, Making my kids stop pounding on the floors, or no screaming.

    I said NO MORE never again will i live in the burbs/city. I would rather spend 20 minutes driving some where every so often, than constantly be watching what i say, who im with where i park my car.
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    This is the back stop for my targets, there is a piece of 3/4" plywood on it now to staple the targets on. And the county is still wondering where them power poles went to. LOL

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