Short range ammo?

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  1. Has anyone tried the short range ammo? I see it on and wonder how well it works for plinking. Our range is only 100 yards so this stuff may well be fine. But wanted to ask first. I'd be interested in this for my MN and SKS.
  2. uh? can you post the link of that product? i haven't seem anything like that.

  3. For some reason I can't link the actual URL from to here so I'll paste what the add says.
    Here is the URL, maybe it'll work.
  4. I have used the Czech 7.62x54R plastic tip Low Recoil/Training ammo in several MN's in the past. Accuracy in my 91/30 was ok at 50-75 yards, in the M44's it was a bit better. The big advantage was very little recoil, so it makes a great Trainer round for those who are recoil shy. The ammo IS corrosively primed, so you will need to do a thorough post shoot cleaning on the rifle unless you want a corroded bore, chamber and bolt face.

    Originally this ammo was produced as a low cost, low recoil training round for the Czech military, Reserve & Civil Defense Troops and the various Cadet programs in schools and colleges.

    Here's a link for more data on this load....