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Short Shroud for 4595TS Carbine.

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I’m Looking for a 4595TS Barrel Shroud that doesn’t cover the Threads on the Barrel. A few companies make them that includes a muzzle brake but I already have a muzzle brake and I really don’t see a need to pay another 40 dollars for their muzzle break. I’ve searched high and low with no luck. Everywhere I’ve searched come to the end of the barrel. Down Range Products Company has one in production but it’s a while away from being available to the public. Thanks I. Advance.
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The company I linked above also has them in stock as far as I know.
that is a fine looking shroud and I really like that top rail. Did you purchase that from them as well?
Yeah full length metal top rail and metal bottom rail as well, made for adding the vertical grip more stable over the plastic factory rail.
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