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shorten the trigger pull on a sw40ve?

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Most people complain about the force needed to pull the trigger but that doesn't bother me. The issue I have is you need to pull the trigger about a mile and half before the thing fires. Can the pull length be shortened? I suppose making the pull lighter would help somewhat but it just seems to me making it shorter would be better. I have zero smithing skills so if there's no easy mod I'll take it to a smith.
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no mod available to shorten the pull on the sigma. I have done every mod that can be done to my 40ve and it does improve the weight of pull drastically but it still has the same length. if you think the sigma has a long pull then you would really hate a kel-tec, we have 2 and they make the sigma feel like a kimber
I really think I am the only person alive who likes the sigma trigger. If the trigger was lighter or shorter itwould make me nervous. But to answer your question no all themods I have seen for them just lighten it not shorten it.
Call these guys:


They are the S&W United States repair center...email or call them and they will tell you how to ship it back, have them do whatever you want (specify you want the trigger pull cleaned up, whatever) and they'll cover shipping both ways and wont charge you a dime for the trigger job.

FWIW, the trigger sucks so bad because S&W stole the Glock system (Glock sued and won) and they were concerned of NDs with people holstering their Glocks and it going off into their leg, so they put that really tough trigger in it to keep accidents from happening...
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