Shot my 1st IPSC Match

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  1. On monday night the wife and I went to my 1st IPSC Match. My M&P9 and I entered in the production class and went to work.

    First off let me say that all of the people there were very nice and also very helpful. Even though you are competing agianst them they have no problem showing you how to break down the stage plan your reloads all of that. For that I am so impressed!!!!!!!!!

    So in the production class I WON!!!!!!!!! I took the whole class as a unranked shooter. The ony reason is the Master ranked shooter that was in my class had to leave otherwise he would have taken it!!! For sure!!!!! That dude was fast!!!

    The only thing I was going for was to not be DQ'd and to try not to have any missed targets. Although I did have one miss on the 2nd stage I did good for my first time. More than that I met some very very cool people that enjoy to shoot as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Great work...
    Good job on taking First Place.

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    Congratulations! I too am about to start competitive shooting.

    I guess I'm gonna need to break down and get a 5.56 upper for my AR now, so I can get in on some 3 gun match action.
  4. I just started shooting IDPA and it's a blast. It's amazing what a few experiences of shooting competitive defense shooting will do for you.
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    WOO HOO!!!! Go first place!!!

    Congrats :D :D :D :D
  6. I need to get re-registered with the Otero Practical Shooters Association so I can shoot some IPSC matches. I just got my 1911 back from the gunsmith today, skeletonized trigger and full trigger job, polished feed ramp, and various other goodies that I don't remember. $93.00 out the door isn't bad for the hours he put into it. Next week I am gonna take him my Sigma and see if he can do a trigger job on it as well. I want to be able to use my 1911 and my Sigma for matches, depending on the length of the course.
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    I really want to get into this. I just dont even know where to start.
  9. Nice job, dude. Kick donkey!
  10. Congrats to you! First time out and first place - now that's impressive.

    Thanks for the link, I want to get into more shooting too.