shot my c-9 today

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    well all i can say is wow. these "cheap" guns sure shoot nice. shot about 75 rounds without one single issue. mine sure loves the umc 115 gr. i had a hi-point .40 a few years back that i liked but this 9mm is alot more affordable to shot. i dont think i will get tired of plinking with this for a long while.
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    Welcome to the fold! Glad you like your C9! It will treat you well. But watch out, these things become addicting...

  3. and the nice thing is that you can get a 995 carbine at a good price to keep that C9 company :)
  4. Welcome to the forum friend, mine prefers remington ammunition too, the winchester white box is cheap but is shaped differently.
  5. Ari

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    Welcome enjoy the pistol
  6. $2.00 on #6 in the 10th. You did say your from Kentucky?
    Welcome! You'll like that C-9 as much as the 995 your going to buy to keep it company.
    You just didn't know it until now.
  7. What can I say? I have a a small covey, from .22 to .40, and my C9 is my favorite: it fits the hand, recoil is minimal (or reasonably dissipated), and IT JUST FEELS RIGHT in the hand. This is one snuggly firearm!
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    yeah im from kentucky. the paducah area. well i just need to break the news easy to my wife that a 995 will be coming home one day. :roll: thats not going to be easy. she can be hard to reason with on these sort of things.
  9. c9 is awesome, accurate and will eat whatever 9mm you can find.
  10. Ok . Who's turn is it to tell xtreme1ky how this is done.I did 1 the other day.
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    I think the statement that Tooguns is looking for is:
    We're gunna need to see baby pics as soon as possible.

  12. Exactamundo
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    ok lets see if this works [​IMG]
  14. it does! Cool for you!
  15. Preaching to the converted

    Hi - just one more voice to add in about how flippin' great the Hi-Point 9mm compact is! The supposed trade-offs that accompany its low price (Heavier? I think it's more stable. Larger? Not enough to be problematic. Ugly? I don't think so, and I wouldn't care anyway) are total non-issues. I do wish it was easier to disassemble for cleaning, though.

    But man, it fits well in my hand, it's accurate and virtually jam-free. Why someone would drop $300 more, other than for simple vanity, is beyond me.
  16. Welcome! A good looking gun.