Shot my C9 this evening

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  1. Shot my C9 this evening for the first time! WOW!! Had to make one adjustment to the rear site...I was hitting to the left...after adjusting about 2 21 feet (7 yards) I was tearing up a snuff size bulls eye. Only had some paper and a Sharpe so I improvised...home made target.

    Only got to run 4 mags full of Winchester 115 grain FMJ through it. Should of went to Wal-Mart and bought me a few boxes. I hated that I ran out of ammo.

    Thinking about going in August when I get my increment check and trying to get me a 995!

    The bug has bit and bit hard!!

    Oh thanks to the fella or fellas who posted on here about using a bicycle inner tube to make a grip cover. That worked slick!!
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    Such the lucky dog.

    I have been wanting to go shooting for a long time but it has either been crappy weather or I had other obligations.

    One day soon though I will make it to the range.

  3. No cure for the bug. Shooting is like scratching a bug bite, it's still going to itch when you're done. Buy some ammo and get back out there!!!
  4. It's like eating a pot of spicy blue crab... you gotta keep eatin' or you're gonna burn yer lip! Congrats man, glad you love your pistol.
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    DUDE!!! DAMN you and your crab taunting! Doesn't the torture ever stop? You try living in a desert and not getting the crunchy little buggers for months on end...


    Glad the C9 fit every expectation. It's my favourite pistol in the collection and the utility aspect of it is actually quite as much of it's charm as it's price.


    Oh, and next time you shoot...BRING PICS!!
  6. I have a new C9 as well. I haven't shot it yet, but this weekend I plan on running a couple of hundred rounds through it. :D
  8. Lol
  9. "You talkin' to me............... punk."

    Great job on the C9 - you ARE gonna love it. Oh, and here's the Newskate Upgrade to the tube...........
  10. Hmmm, an open flame comment and no response from Neo?! He must be sick or somethin'....

  11. So all I have to do is add a peice of tube and my hi-point will look JUST like that!!!!!!!!! Not to mention my clip will hold more rounds!!!!!!
  12. I don't think so....... It's a pretty thought though! :D