Shot the Assault Weapons Ban Ballot Initiative Out of the Sky

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by perotter, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. The Florida Supreme Court just shot the assault weapons ban ballot initiative out of the sky while the leftists were still doing a victory dance. I guess the leftist will have to put their newest jackboots back in the closest for at least a while.

    "And in Florida, the state Supreme Court just shot the assault weapons ban ballot initiative out of the sky for being deceptive. The initiative did not get enough signatures for the 2020 ballot, which shows how pressing this is for Floridians, but now—it won’t show up on the 2022 ballot either."

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    There've been petitions going around to require two votes for referenda to add constitutional amendments, and I think that's a good thing. Our state constitution gets abused with ill-informed ballot initiatives, and it results in an effect akin to mob rule (more commonly called direct democracy).

    A constitution is supposed to be a set of limitations on governmental powers, but when the ignorant masses get mobilized, they can be manipulated into using it to give the government more powers, sacrificing individual liberty in the process. These amendments need to be added at constitutional conventions like in other states. The ignorant mob has no business packing garbage into it like they have done over the years.
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  3. Like I said before, in Florida if you can get the popular vote in a 60% majority to repeal the Florida State Second Amendment they could do it but it would not happen in the current climate.

    I hope they change the Florida Constitution to make it at least a 67% popular vote to Amend their State Constitution. A 70 to 75% majority would be even better. It should be difficult to Amend a State Constitution.

    In Utah at least 66% of the State Senate and House of Representatives must vote for the Constitutional Amendment and then it goes to Utah's popular vote. A majority of Utahns must then vote in the Amendment. This is a far better process.
  4. I'm really surprised the people from Noooo York and Jersey haven't liberalized Florida. History shows (Oregon and Washington) that people moving into more conservative states turn them into liberal states. I guess they think it's easier to move away from what they voted in than to vote out what they had to live with. It's confusing. Maybe it's because most people don't vote. Voting is such a hassle....roll eyes..... Or maybe the mail in ballots were corrupted. No, that would never happen.
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  5. Trust me, they're trying.
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  6. Born in N.Y., grew up in N.J., not trying to make Florida like those cause both of those states your statement is only 99% true.
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    Like Adam said, they are and have been.
    You hit the nail on the head with the difficulty of voting out what has been voted in. Kaliforniastan has a powerful Democratic political machine, which keeps any real reform from happening. Those two New England 'stans from where the carpet baggers infest Florida probably have similar machines to prevent reform. It would just be nice if the migrant Leftists would connect the dots between their voting habits and the resulting policies that caused them to flee their sinking ships for greener pastures.
    Apathy sets in until people get sick enough of the growing rot that they become as thoroughly mobilized as the professional SJW activist crowd. Unfortunately, the damage gets pretty close to irreparable by the time they realize there's enough of a problem to start going to the polls.
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  8. Lots of truth in this thread. I'm still confused because none of it is rocket science. I do know that laziness is perhaps THE biggest contributor to this mess because where else are these professional rioters getting their money besides mommy and daddy? Answer, some billionaire someplace. Enough of that. Just read where in Lancaster, PA, some of them got slapped with a MILLION dollar bail. Hope it sticks. Peace.
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    Meanwhile, in NY, it's catch and release.
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    By the time they realize it's too late, there are no more conservatives to run. And then they get freedom for the first time in ages and Stockholm syndrome kicks in and they feel crushed by it all and vote democrips into office
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    It will be in PA pretty soon, if the Tyrant has his way.
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    When a co-worker found out that I was leaving Commiefornia, he said something to the effect that there'd be "another Democratic vote in Florida"...

    I responded, "Excuse me? I have no intention of Cali-FORNICATING the state of Florida!". He could NOT get out of my lab fast enough. Politics here are MUCH better, even if there *is* more Bible-thumping than I care for.
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  13. Bible thumping is much quieter and less violent than paid burners, rioters, looters and just plain scum. Thumpers mean good so I can tolerate that. I cannot tolerate the stupidity going on with this communist rioting, stealing, burning, looting, etc. Screw 'em. Better yet....better not say it.
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    I will say this: Given a choice between the two evils - and they BOTH are evils, I'll take the Bible Thumpers - for now. But they too have done their share of damage, and Florida has been ground zero for some of it. 2,000 years of bad history to be had for sure. "The Party of Marx" vs "The Party of Jesus" - how about "NONE OF THE ABOVE!".

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    When you leave this world let us know how it turns out.
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    It will work out fine - just like it did the last time, and the time before that...