Shotgun ammo opinions needed

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    also known as "buck and ball" loads. you're better off with a standard 00 buck load than these. The original buck and ball load was designed for troops in the revolutionary war who did not have standard infantry rifles and ended up bringing thier family shotgun to war. It increased the distance thier load was lethal to while mantianing the pattern advantage at close range.

    For HD use you have to worry about overpenetratoion, and im guessing it throws a fairly uneven pattern. Id avoid it.


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    Stay away from them, we tried a variety of exotic loads one weekend out on our old ranch. the 'buck and ball' was the most unpredictable.

    your best off w/ 00buck or slugs.
  3. Thanks guys, you saved me some money. I have 00 buck and slugs, and wasnt sure how well these rounds would work.

    Thanks again!
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    when we were messing around at our ranch, shooting at trees to be removed,

    the win 3" 00 buck cut through mesquite about a foot in diameter.
    the slug left a baseball sized hole
    the buck&ball would hit way off sometimes just barely grazing the side of the trunk

    i keep 00 in mine, got a scattergun might as well use that as an advantage.
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    I keep 2 3/4" #1 Buck in my Winchester '97 pump. Same round used in a lot of prisons. 16 of those 30 caliber projectiles in the air at one time gets a perps attention real quick. I think it's still the best SD/HD round going, bar none. :shock:

    Edit: Makes a heck of a great deer round also. :p
  6. I picked up a box of 12 gauge 3 inch "T" shot. It is somewhere around BB shot. First time I have ever seen it, anybody know what it is?
  7. Steel or lead? If its steel, it is used primarily for geese, if it is lead, it is probably meant for coyotes. Its the next step up fromm BBB shot and it measures .20 inch in diameter. If it is lead, where did you find it, as I would like to get some.
  8. Its steel plated. I picked it up at K mart, figured it would make a decent home defense round.

    3 inch magnum shells, 65 pellets per shell