Shotgun Chop?

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  1. unclerob

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    I was given this win 1300. It is too big for home use and I don't know jacksquat about shotguns.
    Should I chop it or is there a replacement barrel or should I look for a non-ribbed barrel to chop or I should leave the barrel alone?

    I did change the stock to a ATI tactical and put a PG on the pump since these photos were taken.
  2. I would look for a new barrel. It would be nice to have both.

    Unless you never plan on hunting with the long barrel.

  3. Nice gun-- but don't chop it.

    Look around for an 18 (18.5) barrell and you get two guns for the price of one.

    Nice find though-- she is a pretty one!!

  4. neothespian

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    Don't DARE chop that!!! That is the quintesential "Prison" shotgun that so many federal joints employed for YEARS. I had one of those (which I had to sell to get up here... grr), and I had the 18.5" barrel, wood stock with aftermarket brass buttplate, and an actual shoulderstrap from a Colorado prison that had "FED DOC" in stencil on it.

    THAT is one creepy shotgun. Especially to anyone who thinks they're hardcore because they've been in prison and see one of those on your wall.
  5. Definitely don't chop it. It's too beautiful to chop. Just get it a second shorter barrel.
  6. +1 on what others said. Get a shorter barrel for HD, or find a rough barrel and have it cut down to 18.5" or 20" and save the long barrel.

  7. Unclerob, you'd better listen to what these guys are tellin ya'... You don't want the HPFF gremlins after you do ya? :wink:

    Hell, if you chopped that barrel, I'D be after you!!!! That gun is WAY to beautiful to chop. Get a different barrel.
  8. S'funny, I've got an 18.5" on my Winnie 13, and have been looking for a full length. But I'd want them both too. I'm sure you won't be chopping the barrel now as HPFF has collectively agreed to put the fleas of a thousand camels in your jockey shorts should you try. Good choice. The 1300 is the fastest cycling pump I've ever handled. Plus, it's not made anymore. No chop suey for you.

  9. Maverick

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    For God sake don't you dare chop that Winchester!
    Personally I would have left the furniture on it too.

    Lets see what it looks like now...
  10. unclerob

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    I have done no mods that cannot be reversed to original config.
    I have all the original furniture.
    Here is a crappy shot. I cropped it from a line up of my long guns.
  11. If I am not mistaken, Winchester has stopped making weapons have they not? I would not chop anything made by them because the price will go up as they become more scarce.
  12. That's one LONG barreled shotty unclerob!!! It looks mean and intimidating!!!
  13. Maverick

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    With the new stock, I can see why he wanted to chop it. That is a mean looking stock and would look even better on a shorter barreled gun. It has a evil tactical look to it. For the longer barrel, I still like the wood stock best.
  14. z71silverado98

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    Dont Cut it. get an 8rnd extension tube and find a shorter barrel.

    I got a Win1300 sitting in my safe right now. My first gun, given to me as a x-mas present. Great Firearms. I was thinking about getting the ATI underfolder for it, but after seeing it in black plastic I think ill stick w/ the wood.

    made me ill just thinking about you taking a hack saw to that barrel. :?
  15. unclerob

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    Thanks for the input guys.
    I will be searching for an alternate barrel in the 18-20 inch range.
    No chopping for this gun. It is plain to see that it is not the road to take!
    I appreciate you time and help.
  16. If all you need is a HD shotty, then perhaps someone here has something they would be willing to trade you that would fit your needs a little better.
  17. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    Thanks Taurus357. I appreciate the input, but I have let only 2 firearms slip through my fingers in my life. I regret both.
    I may shop the used HD shotty market for a suitable tool if I cannot find a short used barrel.
    I just can't bring myself to part with another weapon without a dang good reason.
  18. just a thought. Sometimes we get something handed to us that, while grateful for, can be traded for something that is far more useful. In your situation you are fortunate enough to be able to buy an aftermarket barrel to create what you need while preserving what was given, lucky you. Just threw that out there as some people don't like the idea of tinkering with firearms themselves. Good luck.
  19. unclerob

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    And yet another great reason why this is one of the best forums on the internet!
  20. uncle jerky

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    Mossberg's Maverick comes in short barrell, 12 gauge pump for home defense shotguns for just over $200 NIB. Good shotgun,good mfg..good price.Remove the "plug" and you have a "hi cap" shotgun.