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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by mjh266, Apr 15, 2014.

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    I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on aiming my shotgun.

    My daughter asked me to teach her to shoot. When a teenager is willing to do something with her dad, dad has to take the opportunity. I have experience with rifles and pistols, and those were easy to teach her. We especially like our Hi Point carbine.

    Last week I got a shotgun, an Armscor M5 12 gauge.

    I have never done much practice with shotguns. We fired bird shot at 25 yards from a seated position and hit the targets well. Then I put some plastic bottles and cardboard boxes on the ground at 10-15 yards. We fired from standing and did not do so well. We both shot high on many shots. I could see the pellets impacting past what we were aiming at.

    I'm sure the problem is with the shooters, not the gun, but I'm not sure how to correct the problem. We were aiming down at an angle. Does that make a difference? When I took a kneeling position, I shot somewhat better.

    Maybe we weren't leaning into it enough and the recoil was raising the muzzle?

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Have you got a bead in the middle as well as on the end? Or just in the middle?

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    What were you shooting? how was the recoil? Someone with a little more experience will come along and tell you how wrong i am but it seems as if maybe you were anticipating recoil and as you pulled the trigger you braced yourself pulling the muzzle slightly upward. (my fathers mossberg 535 with 3 1/2 magnum loads could bring on a flinch in just about anyone.)

    Hold the sight a little lower on your target maybe even below 6 o'clock and see if that puts your shot where you want it next time.

    Good work taking your daughter shooting thats the kind of thing we need to do more of.
  4. That sounds like what it is, unless your aim is just off going from a straight foward to downward position.

    You could always get a heat shield with rear sights on it and see if that helps, if it doesnt your pulling up when you flinch.
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Your gun is set up to shoot at 25-30 yards. At 10-15 you will be high, at 45-50 you will possibly be a bit low.

    It's normal. The bullets in rifles and the shot in a shotgun travel in a curve, due to gravity. So, if it were dead on at 10 yards, it wouldn't be dead on at 30, which is where a lot of birds get shot at.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. We will keep practicing!
  7. MaryB

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    Add in shooting down throws off point of aim, when shooting downhill aim a bit lower. Just from standing not a huge difference but it is there.