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  1. how does the c9 and the jhp like this bulk ammo out of shotgun news? i see wolf (russian) ammo in there for a reasonable price. i see 9mm in there really cheap. do these guns like this kind of ammo? i don't want to buy something that these guns will not work with. thanks for the help.
  2. I have shot tons of wolf ammo out of my 995 and it shoots fine. However, Hi-Point doesn't recommend Wolf ammo in their firearms.

  3. What's their problem with Wolf? The box I had shot fine, no feed problems just a bigger flash.
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    I was told by Hi-Point that they test fire guns with Wolf and a few other brands which are popular with Hi-Point owners. Steel case have no ill affect on Hi-Points or any other service grade firearm.
  5. I use the black box Wolf 230gr for my JHP45 and have an occasional jam. Dont know if its me, the pistol or the ammo to be truthful.

    I do not know why they say not to use it, but I got a note from their tech saying they did not recommend it.

    If GM says they are now saying its ok, they may have changed their minds about Wolf ammo.
  6. Heh... that's funny. When I spoke to the tech at Hi-Point a few weeks ago, he said he didn't recommend Wolf Ammo... Maybe I mis-interpreted his statement as a personal one and not a professional one.
  7. Isn't this topic brought up every few weeks? Atleast for me it seems like it does.
  8. A lot of topics come up every few weeks, thats how forums are.

    If its Hi Point related, or ammo related its going to be repeated now and again, no getting around that.

    Forum search engines are the worlds worse for giving you vague results unless you know exactly what phrase to type in.

    To me, if it helps even one member, its worth talking about again. The ones that have read it a thousand times know to skip it and go on.

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    Well it is good to have a reminder too.
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