Shotgun shell belts and rifle Shell Bandoleers $12 each

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  1. RangerM9

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    Hi all.

    posting a new add for these

    Here's the deal. Sold a lot of these now, mostly elsewhere (saiga forum, XD talk, glock talk) in the last couple months.

    I have shotgun shell belts, cordura-like construction, each fits up to 48 inch waists, each holds 26 shells in elastic loops. Your standard Plastic belt clip, they work great for 20 and 12 ga. 410 would likely be too small for this belt.

    I have about 20 of these at this time.

    I also have Rifle shell bandoleers. These appear to be Cabela's overstock, some still have the cabela's tag on them, others have had it trimmed off. Each holds 50 shells in elastic loops. Will hold most common caliber rifle rounds, plus rimmed centerfire pistol shells and 410 shotshells. I have about about 60 of these available.


    I am asking $12 each shipped if you pay by check or money order. If you want to pay by PayPal (i know they are anti-gun but they are convenient) i'll need $12.50 to mostly cover their fee.

    please e-mail me at if you want to discuss an order, ask questions etc.

    PayPal is the same address, so you can just place an order if you want to.

    thanks much, hope we can do some business.


  2. elguapo

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    Let me get back in town, and I will let you know.

  3. RangerM9

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    Thanks elguapo. I'll hang out and wait to hear form you.

  4. bkcraun

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    As soon as I get my shell belt and bandy from you, I'll be ordering more if they look as good in person as they do in your pics.
    In the meantime, here a bump for you.

    Harrisonburg, VA
  5. RangerM9

    RangerM9 Guest

    thanks bill....they should be there any time.....shipped on Tuesday

    and good to know where you found the ad......i was wondering.....i have this posted in many places.
  6. bkcraun

    bkcraun Member

    got em. good stuff. just sent in $$ for another shotgun shell belt. thanks
  7. RangerM9

    RangerM9 Guest

    got your second order, will ship tomorrow or tuesday at the latest. Thanks
  8. RangerM9

    RangerM9 Guest

    Bill....did it get there?
  9. bkcraun

    bkcraun Member

    Got it today. Thanks!