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    ok i have one question, what is better for home defense in my situation. i already own a double barrel shotgun but im looking at getting a pump action mossberg maverick. or is the pump action unnecassary and should i go for the hi point c9? thanks a lot
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    hmm, i'll assume you are using some sort of buck shot or a slug for the shotgun. either way, i'd go with it over most any handgun round.

    a shotgun with the proper setup is VERY effective.

  3. I would not advise using buckshot or slugs as a Home Defense ammunition. The collateral damage is too much risk. If anything, I would use a #7 1/2 shot or smaller. Yes, I did say smaller. You dont' want the shot going through a wall and taking out anyone on the other side.
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    I would agree with Primal, However they do make home defence shot gun loads, Very lethat but will not over penetrate. IE. walls.
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    Can't beat a shotgun for HD.

    I'm using a double for HD. If I ever need more than two blasts in my house. Then I will fall back to the "guns" God gave me. :wink: The rest of my firearms I keep unloaded.
  7. Ah the beauty of this forum...... alternate opinions! Here's where I jump the track. My thoughts: Compare a SG with a HG for HD. [ sounds like rap song ] I'm not an expert so I read a lot.

    1. have both available, why either/or? Are you picking between two different types of SG or between SG and HG?
    2. not that you'll need it in your defense room at home, but I think a well placed shot with a HG has more "lethal range" than a SG - someone can correct me on that one. And I bullet will take up less space than the spread of a SG.
    3. If you are stationery, not moving, behind cover, etc. nothing says leave me alone more than the racking sound of a shotgun, or pointing one at someone.
    4. If you need to be mobile, just about all I've read says handgun. You can use with one hand. You don't have to lower it to see around corners. Mine holds 16+1 of hollow point rounds, and I have 2 hot spares ready to go.
    5. Some people have one gun loaded at home. Some have all defensive weapons loaded. I've heard arguments both ways - key is ALL are safe when no BG's around.
    6. In a fight, a BG will find it harder to get ahold of your HG, versus the barrel of SG.

    Like I said, I'm no expert by any stretch. My overall opinion, give the choice of one of them, I pick HG with right defensive loads. If I could get both, I'd do it.
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    In the unlikely event I'm ever in a situation of multiple attackers in my home, and they keep coming after the first two go down with a shotgun blast. I plan on using those long steel barrels as a Louisville Slugger and will hit some home runs.
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    I think everyones situation is different.
    Personally, I think a shotgun is more effective for the initial blasting. however, I have kids and a shotgun is easy to stumble upon. I also have a dog- who will inevitably be biting the ass of an intruder, and dont want to take him out at the same time. So, I have the HG approach right now.
    In the shed I have a snake charmer .410- small, simple and versatile. I know people like 12g for HD, but the .410 makes big boom enough for me to grab something else. It also keeps critters at bay.
    In the house I keep my HG in a secure spot, easy to reach, and hard for kids to find.
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    Best solution: HIT THE RANGE!!

    Any gun is effective, and no gun is as equally effective if you can't hit what you're shooting at!

    A .22 can be more lethal than a .50 cal if that little .22 hits and the big rifle misses.
  12. Uraijit - no issue. I cannot disagree with anything you said. And I'm not trying to "prove" my side, as I don't have a side. I've been shooting a year, and have had limited training. I've read quite a bit and what I said, I found on websites like Front Site, and others. I think a lot has to do with your background, comfort, training, even your house configuration to some degree.

    Best input as stated - what ever you pick - practice!
  13. I have a Saiga 12 on its way now, already have the 10 rd mag. If anyone is unfortunate enough to break into my house in the middle of the night, I will have any handgun beat by a mile.

    I would rather fix holes in the wall than be dead so that is not an issue to me.

    I plan to go with 3 inch shells in the mag (BTW a 3 inch 00 buck has 15 pellets, the 2 3/4 inch has 9) and can put out an incredible amount of lead very fast.

    I will alternate 00 buck and number 2 shot to maximize the amount of lead in the air at one time.

    My family knows very well to roll off of their beds onto the floor on hearing any shot in the house, so I have done the best I can to protect them from being shot from either me or the BG.

    Only problem with the shotgun is that it is more unweildy to get into operation so it would be best to wake up and hear the BG in another room instead of waking up and seeing him looking at you.
  14. When I asked a buddy of mine, who is a Swat officer, what kind of firearm to get for HD, He replied a pump action shotgun. The sound of someone operating the action, is very recognizable. If someone breaks inot your house, and hears thatand does not leave, then they deserve what is coming next. Plus you dont have to be the best marksman with a shotgun.
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    for my use it has to be the handgun or the 4095 carbine. i have an average size home and have practiced with both the shotgun and handgun approach to hd and found that due to my frame{6'2" 290lbs.} and my housing configuration that wielding a shotgun is just to cumbersome to be effective at all. i have been the victim of a homebreak-in in the past and fended off my attacker with an old .44 auto mag which i no longer own and let me say that by the time i made it to where the crook was in the house, there weren't 2 maybe 3 ft. between us and i was damn glad i didn't have 3 ft. of barrel there for him to divert. btw, put 1 slug into his shoulder and it was a through and through wound but enough to stop him until the cops arrived. believe me, things happen very quickly in the dark and no matter what you defend your family with, be careful
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    i guess this depends... if you are saying its going to cost to much to fix a wall or some studs, what happened to cant put a price on the safety of your family?

    i dont have to worry about over penetration as my nearest neighbors are pretty far away.

    well a properly setup shotgun is still the prefered method of killing an unwanted Bad Guy in the home vs. a pistol from a pistol round. probably going to be the recommended method.

    but very good info here anyway :D
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    Remington 870 Magnum Express 12 gauge pump, COPstock, Side Mount Receiver Shell Carrier, Surefire 870 Forearm light and the shortest legal length Modified chock barrel. Load that with #1 Buckshot and it will put a serious hurt on any bad guy who broke into your home and who is threatening your life. The smart home defender picks the ambush site within the home and knowns its down range hazards.
  18. Krippp

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    you make a very valid point gman, but after working with criminals on a daily basis(I was also a corrections officer in N. Carolina after military}I have found that there are no two criminals that think the same way and therefore they will use different entry points and are all usually after something different. no defense plan can be 100% foolproof because no one can ever gauge or understand the desperation that is needed in order for someone to break into a home. so while I agree that more firepower is ALWAYS the best option and planning ahead is very important, one must also consider what he is most comfortable using in his own domicile
  19. I live in a mobile home so there is only so many ways he can go, so I would wait and let him come to me on my grounds and my terms, and I would not let him get close enough to try and grab my weapon from me.

    I hate to say it, but it the dark I am not going to take a chance that he is armed or not armed, I am going to assume that he is and go from there.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Either double barrel or pump will do the trick. Pump a round, scare the fool. Show him the end of 2 barrel, it will scare the crap out of him. I don't think you will find ANYONE in his right mind who will argue with the business end of a shotgun I know I NEVER will