Shotgun?? what????

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  1. The other day a co-worker and i were chattin about guns.

    I mentioned i had a hi point 380 and 995, i was commenting about the accuracy ad reliability of the two guns.

    He mentioned he used to own a hi point 12 gauge shotgun and it was trash.

    I asked if he was sure it was a hi point he swore up and down that it was.

    I think he was stoned but I wanted to consult the experts (you guys) on the matter.

    Did a hi point twelve gauge ever exist??? :?
  2. Ridge

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    Dont think so...

  3. Not that I have ever heard of.
  4. Where is your friend?......puffpuffgive
  5. Strangerous

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    HP Shotty? No. Heck, I don't think Haskell or even Stallard made a shotgun either... What's your buddy smoking, and where did he get it? :lol:
  6. Could he have confused Hi-Point with Hi-Standard? a quick web search shows that at one time they made shotguns.
  7. pjm204

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    I must agree, he probably meant hi-standard.
  8. High standard made guns primarily for competition shooting, they were well know for producing high quality guns. I actually own a cometition .22 and it is accurate as all get out.

    I think this friend of yours if regurgitating info from the HP hate groups.
  9. hahaha i thought he was high!!!! but i still had to ask you guys!!
  10. Yep. Tell him to lay off the columbian bangbang. It's bad for you.
  11. urotu

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    I'm pretty sure he was....

    No Hi Point shottie, but indeed there is a Hi Standard, but all I've ever had anything to do with were pretty good shooters. He was probably stoned on both accounts, on it being a HP, and it being a POS.
  12. biganimal

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    I'd have to say he doesn't know squat about Hi-points or High Standards. I have a 45 year old Flite King Trap shottie thats never failed me in the 35 yrs I have owned it.
  13. Sounds like he was having a HI-Point!!!LOL
  14. I will say if they make a shotgun in the future I'll buy one
  15. You can already buy new 12 gauge pump and semi auto shotguns in the 200 or a little over dollar range.

    I think it would be hard for Hi Point to be able to make one that could beat those prices by enough to draw in customers.
  16. AndrewST

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    He is smoking crack.